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Hello and welcome to another episode of Mallory random girl.

I'm pretty much just a random girl who doesn't do much.

ALSO, Keeping my lifetime votes even isn't a priority, but if you ever find that I have just one more on one side, it would be appreciated if you helped even it out. Thank you~!


                                              Things I like

Movies, Books, Korean Dramas and Reality Shows, Japanese drawings, Mandarin, IDK Myself, YOU I like u, umm, yeah.

                     A little bit about me


I don't know how I did it but my doll has a realy versitile face and I'm very glad I chose those eyebrows. I wonder why there aren't eyebrow pieces in the stores....

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that there actually are sooo...


Loving Koreans forever. WAIT NO, THat sounds WEIRD. No, I love KOREAN CUlTURE


I recently moved everything in my cake shop to the anglaise, so I can work on turning it into a tattoo parlour, but it feels so wrong because that was my favorite room for so long, I don't know what to do with myself.


Things I like: writing, drawing, cats, singing, idk rapping? Just using my voice.

Things you should probably know: There isn't really anything. Uh. I kind of accidentally gave all of the different dolls in my room different storys and backgrounds and I'm kind of embarrased but not even sorry. I don't really check my last 100 votes, so if you voted for me PLEASE COMMENT, and let me know, so I can vote back.


                                                                                                                                       I'm gonna give a quick run down on my rooms so you aren't completly lost in confusion <__<

Loft: Storage room. I'll shamelessly admit that I'm too lazy to clean it out. Funny story, it used to be the only room I had decorated. DON'T GO IN THERE IF YOU DON'T WANT IT TO TAKE FIVE THOUSAND MINUTES TO LOAD.

Anglasie/Scottish Room: Cake shop. Everything in there the shop portion used to be in the actual cake shop room, but then I didn't know what to do when I got this room hahaha.... In other news, I like tieing this room in with all my other modern day rooms, so keep your eye out for posters and treats from Mc'Bunny's Yum Yum Donut maid cafe. O3O ~<3

Gl*** House: Flower house. The idea behind this room is that she's the shy counterpart of the Scottish House customer/owner/whatever you want her to be. She like flowers more than people, so she just made her house mave lots of flowers. Makes sense, right?

Party Room: Another flower house? This was just me dumping literally all of my garden things in here and covering up everything. I tried. She's probably got some rly weird family or something, cause they all look weird, but hey, I get it gurl.

Cake Shop: Tattoo Parlour. I spent SO MUCH MONEY ON THIS OMG NEVER AGAIn. Baisically what happened is I'm obsessed with tattoos, and I was looking through literally every single store for tattoos and I saw that and literally freaked the heck out and decided "Forget any adventures, I NEED THIS."

Cloud Room: India? That's a loose term. It's more like a very uneducated version of some asian country. Forgive me.

The Rainbow Room: Spa. I need you to understand, this room was my source of SHAME, until one day I was like FINE and just made a spa out of anything and everything I could find.

The Dirigible: Teleporting Station. This one's a pretty complex idea. Bear with me. There the checking in station, kind of like an airport, that's what's on the wooden deck. It's closed off so no one can fall, and there some plaques with stories about World Vision teleportation and stuff. Then there's the actual teleports, and the time machine. Then there's destination no. 1, underwater, where the lady teleporting in going. Then there's the lady who teleported to a mountain. Then there's the space ship that just teleported, because why not.

Submarine Room: Exactly what it's supposed to be. What else could I do with it?

Wedding Room: Just some princess in the forest I guess. Theres a little castle in the background, so she's kind of inspired by Tangled.

The Fantastic World: Fashion room. Theres the design and sewing portion first, then the preparing for the photo shoot, then the photo shoot.

Shooting Room: Mansion. It's just some rich lady with a pool attached to her bedroom XD

Best Friend Room: Cozy Bedroom. I didn't have a whole lot to work with. It used to be a dark alley, then I was like "nah, son" and just whipped that up real quick.


 FUN FACT TIME, Mallorygoodwin is NOT my real name. I am aware that many of you think it is, but it's not. Mallory is the name of my favorite book character, and goodwin comes from family history.



Singing and using my voice is a super important part of me. I hope that if I study well now, I'll be able to go to a perfoming arts school in South Korea. I've checked out there policy on scolarships and I'm working so hard, it's honestly exausting. If I don't show up for several days, you can count on it being me working on my future XP

(I am Mallorygoodwin, and I aprove this message)

Age Type City Country
19 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
CL? All, like, srsly anything. asjfdgsafiut.
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
*Color, gosh, I'm American. ??? Weekly Idol? I don't know. ???

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