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Hi ! +2, have a wonderful day ! n_n
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malu has 72 goodness points.

Submarine explorer

     Garden In Progress~


Hello There Everyone! Welcome to ma paaage! I should probably make a Thanksgiving Themed Page buuut eh. Christmas is Christmas <3

So. Hi. I'm Malu. I'm a Teen. I like rainbows and soup. I like winter as well even though I never got to experiance it cause I live in a country where there's only summer. And rain. LOTS of rain. 

I have a little sis, Libby and a little bro, Mish

And one little sibbling on the way!!

My OTP is Drarry and Hijack <3 I'm a Potterhead till the end!

I've been on this game for like 4 years now <3 I'm not doing daily voting anymore cause I get pretty lazy after a while but I do random votes from time to time. 

And speaking of ThanksGiving - I'mma thank DarkyElfQueen, Bloodyemos, AngelFire, Ilovem12, Spiderwick9, Neriah10, Amaryllis-love and Kieramsmileys for being awsm friends over the years. I love you crazy people <3

Also thanking for all those who have given me gifts! The list is too long to post on here but I have all your names and pics saved on my laptop and I appreciate you all very much <3

My Tumblr is Princess-Calliem (After an OTP). 



Age Type City Country
100 years Woman Hogsmeade. Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Ellen DeGeneres. Love all genres. My Sisters Keeper? Maple Syrup
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Yellow. Figuring this one out.. MyMusic. Reading fanfics.

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