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Some people really think their opinions matter or make a difference, and I'm just chilling here like "nobody reads this!" and laughing at other people's stupidity...  Happy Thanksgiving, by the way ;]


So honored to have my Alice/Cheshire Cat chibi chosen by the Gazette team and so well received <3


*shake my head*


Mimi is all dressed up for Halloween... careful, she bites!  Thank you fairykisses, faechild86, and darkelfqueen for the Halloween gifts *hugs* now to start on my real costume... o.o"


"How come I don't have a nickname?   Oh, you do.  Well he never uses it.  Oh, I do.  When?   When you leave the room! *name that can't be posted on  a girls game*!" - Burlesque


Oh, I remember! This is why I don't go on the boards lol xD While mommy's away, Mimi will play!!!

*SpOiLeR  aLeRt*                [7.26.15]

New Disney designs being posted on the board over the next few days!! Click here to visit :)


Visit Mimi's new bordoir in the Newlywood room :) Thank you to faechild86 for the housewarming gifts!!


Loft under construction until further notice... enter at your own risk 0.0 (Mimi cannot be held liable for any injuries incurred after reading this disclaimer) :P


Thank you to everyone who voted for my alt rawlimario in the Amazonian Warrior Fashion Show!! :]


Oh the things people will do for  their post count...


Some people need to stay off the  Board... like really, no one cares.


New year, new layout! No specific theme really... self portrait I guess?  Spot the differences! Haha 

Mimi is the snarky, spunky, negative-nelly daughter of the fοrmerly famous, now increasingly reticent, n0regrets.  She moved here from the the sadly forgotten land of MDD in 2010, where she had happily resided since 2007.  She thought she'd never get over the loss of her home, but it seems time does heal all wounds, even though she still misses it greatly.  She's always been a little bit of a misanthrope, but don't worry, she usually doesn't bite! she's gotten a little feisty in her old age; watch your fingers if mommy isn't around... 

Mimi loves a variety of things, including: reading, writing, math, drawing, ranting about life, hypothetical philosopical conversations, graphic design, music in general (but as one of her favorite bands, Hinder, would say: "it ain't real music without guitar" 💔), Forza, Skyrim, and Portal, pretty much all video games, her mom's cook¡es, anything edible, Pac-Sun, Vans, Gossip Girl, musicals, Rainbow Dash, Batman, Harley Quinn, and Iron Man, oversized sweatshirts, leggings, and combat boots, lots of eyeliner, cuddling and movies, occasionally her little sister, and quirky finger fun.

 Speaking of quirky finger fun... if you read my whole page, I'll give you a gift of your choice!  PM me, and I'll send you a short quiz in return.

Romance Fatal Serif Juan Casco | Silkscreen Jason Aleksander Kottke | Original artwork of Mimi078 by Mimi078

My rules, which get a whole textbox dedicated to them so people don't have any excuses for missing them (so if you're gonna read anything, read this cuz I have no tolerance for repeating what I've already said):

-My art.  Emphasis on "MY."  Yes, that is a picture of my dolli to the right.  Yes, I drew it myself.  No, I do not take requests.  Please don't ask.  (Tis one of my BIGGEST pet peeves >.<")  Also... my art is a huge investment of my time, and a VERY personal expression of myself.  As such, it belongs to no one but me and should appear nowhere except my page.  If I find out you have STOLEN my work (and I will), you will be reported... it is against OMD rules.  See the rant in the next text box for more on art theft.

-Do not ask for personal info.  Anything that is not already stated will not be answered.  You may not ask, and I will not tell.  This includes: my full name, age, date of birth, where I live, etc.  I was raised to be wary of Internet interactions… and I continue to do so.  You may refer to me by my username, or "Mimi", or come up with your own quirky title; I've got a few, and I respond to them all.

-I am a stranger.  Do not send me random messages asking: “can we be friends?”  It is another one of my pet peeves (though not so much as art theft).  Lasting friendships are not built on that question.  Friendship is not taken; it is earned!  If you were walking down the street, would you ask a random stranger “can we be friends”?  It is the same on the Internet… the person on the other end of the computer is a complete stranger.  If you want to be my friend, talk to me!  I promise… I won’t bite (maybe)!

-No chatspeak.  Ever.  This is more of a request, as I can understand a little bit beyond the typical "LOL!" but honestly?  It's just common courtesy.  Our generation is so self involved that we can't even take the time to write someone (even better, a total STRANGER) a message in proper English?  It's ten seconds of your life; get over yourself.  Also, I do not speak French.  This is the English version of the game, therefore it does not make sense that I should have to learn your language.

-Remember the Golden Rule.  Treat others as you'd like to be treated.  Simple as that.  You send me abusive messages for no reason?  You'll be blocked.  Post obnoxiously on my page?  I'll leave it as an example for all the other trolls with some update about how I've lost my faith in humanity.  And this should go beyond your interactions with me.  Just because I may be the only one with it on my page, doesn't mean that you shouldn't extend the same courtesy to others.  You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

-Keep your hands to yourself. They taught you that back in kindergarten.  So keep your sticky-right-clicking-paws off of my page.  This includes my graphics as well as my phrases (my rules seem to be a very popular target... which is very confusing to me, since they are not intended to be warm and fuzzy...).  You may not "quote" me without due credit.  I hate seeing people stealing the words out of my mouth.  I put a lot of thought into my writing, because in a game where you're simply player #70254, your words become another person's perception of yourself.  Choose them wisely.

Wow... the length of that scrollbar makes me sad... but again, I reiterate: I have lost faith in my generation! *bangs head against wall*

To further your education: OFFICIAL OMD RULES


"Out Of My Head" - Theory of a Deadman
"Hesitate" - Stone Sour
"Sorry" - Buckcherry
"Fall For You" - Secondhand Serenade
"Be My Escape" - Relient K
"Something" - Jim Sturgess (cover)






This is something that has bothered me for a LONG time here on OMD.  So some of you so-called artists should take a few minutes to read this and maybe do some of your own research

The world of copyright infringement is a confusing place, especially once you introduce technology and the Internet.  And I am certainly no expert, but I do try to use something we are all endowed(although maybe not equally gifted) with: COMMON SENSE.

Anyway, the questions remain...

1. What can you use?  What can you not?  Someone else used it, so why can't I?  Here's the simple answer.  If it does not EXPLICITLY say "free" or "public domain" (Google Images is NOT considered public domain), you should avoid using it!  Even then, you can't necessarily trust that whoever labeled it as such did all of their research, which is why you should always try to find the original source

2. Credit, credit, CREDIT!  If you used something that you didn't make, from scratch, yourself, then you should always credit the contributing artist.  For example.  The font I used for my username is [Romance Fatal Serif Juan Casco].  If I had used a brush that I didn't make, I would credit that artist as well.  Something along the lines of [Brush Name deviantART UserName].  If it isn't credited, it's stolen.

3. Fan art.  Now, I know I love to draw me a My Little Pony every once in a while (or a Joker or Frankie Stein profile, in past cases), and anime/manga is popular with you young'uns... but if it is not an Original Character (commonly referred to as OC's), then you should mention who that character belongs to, or at least what it's from somewhere in the descr¡ption.  Better safe than sorry.  I'd hate to have DC Comics or Mattel suing me because I'm trying to claim that I created The Joker or Frankie Stein (which I didn't).  Also, you can never, never, NEVER, make a profit off of fan art.  Never.  Just don't do it.  Make it for yourself and other people's viewing pleasure, and be happy with that, otherwise you're cutting into someone else's profit (and companies do NAWT like that).

4. Stock means free... right?  Wrong.  There are always terms that go along with your use of that stock, whether you are aware of them or not.  Always follow the artist's rules when using deviantART.  Most stock there is free (granted you follow their rules), so is it really too much to ask?  But be weary if you choose to venture outside of dA for your stock.  If it has a watermark, you have to pay for it, or sign up for an account, download it, blahblahblah, even if it says "free."  Be sure to read all the fine print, what you can use it for, if you can earn a profit off of it... etc.  Personally, I find it too much of a headache, so I try to stick to dA or make it myself.  **Sidenote** Edits: simply cutting and pasting two stock images together or changing the color of an image or resizing/cropping it and then paƨƨing it off as your own is generally considered to be in poor taste in the artists' community.  Try and be a little more creative.

Now, you've probably been sitting there reading this (if you weren't intimidated by the brick wall of text, in which case, kudos to you! *throws Kudos bar*) thinking, "Well duh... I knew that!"  But these are the little things that you don't actually stop to think about (unless you're me) when you *right-click-Copy-Paste* 99.9% of what is on Google Images.  That image you just took, most likely belongs to someone, somewhere, and by not paying that artist what they're due... YOU.  ARE.  STEALING.  Now the chances of getting caught?  1/1,000,000, right?  But do you want to risk being that one person that they decide to crack down on and have a lawsuit on your hands?  Not worth it in my eyes.  I really like the way jo-shadow of deviantART sums up any gray area: "The creator of a piece attains the copyright from the minute it is fixed in a tangible medium (including digital)."  Even if there isn't a legal copyright, everything out there is someone's intellectual property.

Like I said, I am by no means a copyright lawyer or an expert and there is a world more to know about the subject, but this is a brief overview of my understanding of art theft/copyright infringement, and I hope now it's a little clearer for you budding artists as well and that you might take the initiative to educate yourselves further.  Remember: if it doesn't belong to you, think twice before taking.
More snarkiness to come... 


Age Type City Country
100 years Woman My Happy Place UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
n0regrets XD Rock / Metal Seven Pounds French Fries (o.O)
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Mint Graphic Designer Gossip Girl Just Dance

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