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have a great day. i voted. please return the favor
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hello and welcom to my page

I invite you to participate in the competition organized on the occasion of newborns for my cat Mimi all you have to do is to organize a room containing animals and will choose winners by Three mattresses and of course each rank awards:

first place by 120 votes over two months .

second 60 votes over the month

and third place and Last 30 votes for 15 days, I hope that you Accept my call you can visit my page for more and good luck

Method of participation:

Is shared by sending a short message includes the desire to participate

the animals:

All animals accepted

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the short message will be answered as soon as found

Winners will be selected by these standards:

1 Regulation

2 Decoration

3 How to use animals to make the room look super beauty

4 Dress up, of course, must be commensurate with room decor

5 Finally the number of animals and quality

Were quick to register in the competition before the end of time.

Be sure of your names on the list of participants presence

This is the list of participants

1 smilez123 (laylaykearoni-redo)

2 reshiram

3 luckykitty

4 eliisa

5 maddisonlivly

6 amona2

7 malu

8 zaza100

9 micutalorri

10  kouka

11 minty42

the last day is 7/7/2012

From today onwards you are in the contestants and you should speed up the design of your room is well you have two weekes to make you room check out my own page to see the contest requirements



Please report to my room well on your opinion on decoration

Thanks for giving your opinion I have received .from the bottom of my heart I wish you the best of luck and days full of surprises. nature day

It has been a week, quickly and it was time for the results were announced results of the competition for animals, so I invite you all to attend the concert, which Sanzationa tomorrow like this time to celebrate the winners of the three mattresses the first and through this special event will be exchanging gifts to congratulate the winners and to know them more than you can invite friends and relatives to join us in dollz Chat in  Park namber1 .I hope you accept my invitation to this topic .if you have anny question dont forget to tell me aboute it have a nice day .bye i well be with you in this name zara69


Age Type City Country
19 years Woman casablanca Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
all 2012- ware of the world all
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
oprah swiming

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