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mineyeung has 60 goodness points.

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0 2 . A u g u s t

Still in the midst of moving so no wifi! Please don't vote for me until the 25th as I won't be able return them until then T^T 


On a brighter note, I've gone back to drawing as I have no wifi to entertain me and requests are now open if you'd like a drawing!


2 6 . J u l y

Will be missing votes from now until the 10th of August since I'm moving. Please don't vote for me until then as I won't be able to return them ><


Caved in and entered the FS with aranya as well when I shouldn't be spending T^T


2 3 . J u l y

Three episodes is all it takes for me to decide if I want to watch a show normally, but the problem is... There's so many great animes this season - it's hard to keep up! 


Ballroom e Youkoso finally earned it's well deserved adaption, and DIVE is continuing the trend of sports animes (with abs, lots of abs).

Kakegurui and Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoush*tsu e (gosh, what a mouthful!) are the psychological thrillers I enjoy the most normally; while Tsurezure Children (watch this on a bad day) and Konbini Kareshi are just so light hearted and easily enjoyable!


Clione no Akari is also well on its way to becoming the next AnoHana, I imagine that this shall do well with the critics but I might marathon this since I can't do sad children stories one week at a time...


Gamers is doing well amongst the fan boards I'm normally on for tearing apart cliche anime troupes, but I don't seem to enjoy it much - anybody else having trouble watching it? Maybe I just like cliches?

Jasmine | '96 | Hong Kong

Coffee and tea addict, I also love all things floral.


Since I'm preparing to enter my final year as a law student, I spend most time online during holidays and weekends - but I do have a bad habit of procrastinating.


My hobbies are reading, sleeping and watching Asian dramas alongside Korean gameshows. Currently, I'm re-reading 全职高手 by 蝴蝶蓝 (this book is like my ultimate guilty pleasure, the characters are super savage whenever they're criticizing each other.

... is my main voting account; I also keep gifts from other dolls and my OML/FS portfolio there!


... was left to me by a friend. It's now dressed as Feng Jiu from "The Pillow Book" (三生三世枕上书)

 I vote back as long as it was +2

 If you want to exchange dailies, just drop me a PM or comment!

 Used to be 'styjasmine' on MyDivaDoll

 I try to give out gifts on special occasions and whenever OMD releases new gifts - please don't feel obligated to return them ^^

 My preferred gifts are the cacti:

 Always open to gift exchanges

2 4 . J u l y

"You cannot put a fallen petal back on a flower" – Ruler: Master of the Mask

1 7 . J u l y

 "Feelings are deep, yet fate is shallow." – 三生三世枕上书 (The Pillow Book)


1 0 . J u l y

"Boys will teach you how to grow up. Girls will teach you how to love." – 夏至未至 (Love Until The End of Summer)

Age Type City Country
21 years Woman Hong Kong Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Highlight Pop ballads Castle in the Sky Fried chicken
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
White/Beige Travel writer The Genius Reading

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