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Was out gallavanting with Dave this...
26/06/2017 à 22:33:44
Your doll and rooms are all beautiful! As are...
26/06/2017 à 18:29:14
Happy early Birthday!
26/06/2017 à 18:08:58
Beautiful dress~!! Extra votes from Cook iesez
26/06/2017 à 16:21:22

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2 6 . J u n e

Just got my examination results for 2nd year today - Equity and Trusts didn't go so well T^T MY only consolation is that at least I p***ed it and won't have to touch it again until I do my PCLLs... Also helps that I got my results now instead of later so I can prepare for next year better.
Hope the day is going a little smoother for everyone else!

 Name: Jasmine

 My birthday is on June 28; I turn 21 this year

 Started playing OMD on the 17th of November (2016); I used to be on MDD pre-2010 as styjasmine 

 Second-year law student; graduating 2018

 Proud to be a sepsis survivor


 Anything floral themed

 Coffee, tea, sushi and poké

 Makeup, novels and scented candles 

 My hobbies are sleeping and reading (currently I'm reading 全职高手 by 蝴蝶蓝)


 I return all +2 votes! Leave me a comment if we don't exchange daily votes so I don't miss you ^^

  Used to be styjasmine on MDD; drop me a message if we were friends and I'll add you!

 I try my best to give out gifts on special occasions. Please do not feel obligated to return them as I really enjoy the process =]

 My designs can be found in the "Created by You" board

 The gifts I like the most are the cacti (I think they're absolutely adorable~)

Thank-you for visiting, see you soon!


Age Type City Country
21 years Woman Hong Kong Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Adele Pop ballads Castle in the Sky Fried chicken
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
White/Beige Travel writer The Genius Reading

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