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I'll be going to the mall later, to attend the...
12/02/2016 à 03:32:09
Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Wierd...
12/02/2016 à 00:05:14
Thursday votes and a good day to you. ^_^
11/02/2016 à 22:20:15
Thursday votes from HOPE4EVER2
11/02/2016 à 20:33:25

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February 8, 2016:
The Year of the Monkey

Celebrating the Chinese New Year with deja-vu,
whose loft is (mostly) finished... 
and has FINALLY been added to my crew ^.^

The "baby" of the family!

Super Bowl UPDATE:

(Denver won)

I was gone (again)...
... I am back (again) o_O

There is a little over 4 hours left in the 50% off sale
(they HAD to do it this weekend *sigh*)...
so I will be using that teeny-tiny amount of time
to do some last minute speed shopping (hopefully)!
(I didn't get much shopping done, but something is better than nothing... and another sale will come along)

I will do double dailies starting Monday...
although it will take me several days to get to everyone.
(I got doubles delivered to about half ALL [I think?] of my regular voters, using [mostly] n0mad, bellad0nna, and deja-vu.... some voters have already received two sets of doubles! Please check your Last 100... comments were not left)

My apologies for my unexpected absence...
 and Thank You for your patience ^.^

I hope everyone had/has a great weekend!
(Wishing you a wonderful week & a Happy Lunar New Year)

 You know what they say:
Business before pleasure...
literally, in this case!

My apologies for missed votes.
I was not able to get online to dokument my "Last 100" for returns... but I will try to leave some doubles for my regular daily voters, as I have time.

(I need a nap or two... or ten 

Best Wishes {#mdr} n0regrets



* The 2015 Gazette Awards *

What an unexpected surprise o.O

Thank You to those who counted
lady-karma among their choices 

{#star} click here {#star}

to support the US launch of the Gazette
(there are a lot of goodies shared there... take a lo.ok)



goes out to:



Back-to-School is near here!


I will return to my (mostly)

"no Sunday votes" schedule...
sorry for any inconvenience.



As a result of my limited online time...
... please, no new voters *sorry*
Thank you for understanding!


Age Type City Country
100 years Woman Hometown US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Hmmm... Orlando Bloom? Rock & Roll ♫ KISS, Alter Bridge, Hinder, Nickelback, Shinedown, Metallica, Three Doors Down, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, etc, etc. Decisions, Decisions... maybe The Matrix? ♥CARBS♥ Bread+Pasta
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Grey Author or Marine Biologist ~The Blacklist, ~Hell's Kitchen, ~The Biggest Loser ღBaking ღReading ღWord Games

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