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This week
i'm okay :3 i found some new animes :D and...
18/04/2014 à 21:51:47
hey whats up :3
17/04/2014 à 06:01:11
Yes, I'm feeling better...Haha I'm a...
13/04/2014 à 03:15:20
Sorry, I didn't respond for sometime, I wasn't...
10/04/2014 à 22:41:38

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Video Game Developer


So, I'll be Online maybe like 2 or 3 time a week now...Maybe more. Maybe

~"Too Much Candy Gonna Rot Your Soul"~ 

vintage photography gif photo: Vintage random polaroids photography GIF photography-6.gifphotography gifs photo: GIFS anigif.gifvintage photography gif photo: Vintage random polaroids photography GIF photography-6.gif

|| Mickey || Sixteen || Amazing || UnProPhotographer || Violinist || Singer || Dancer || 

When you look out there, What do you see?  I See Glitter Raining down And floating on the breeze.

cute gif photo:  16425G1K43.gif

rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gifFirst Thing to remember About me is that I'm Really just a 5-year-old in a candy storerainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif when it comes to life. I don't expect too much, I can't decide what I want, and I wish I could have everything. But then I see that One special candy, and it makes me come to a decison. Know what that Special candy was? In short it was a certain couple of people Who made me become who I am Today. Thanks to those peeps (Sugar covered Marshmallows) I can freely express myself :)

But then again why would you random people care? So lets get to the fun stuff :)

rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gifI, like, have a vast love for music. Which includes Pop, Techno, Orchestral and sometimes all ofrainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif them mixed together xD I also write music too and I tend to somehow end up talking about it all the time so if it kind of sounds like I'm obsessing, it's because I probably am ^-^" heh heh heh...

~ "But You only want what Everybody else says You Should want"~

The cosplay is decent right now I'll still let you guess though... ;)

rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gifI'm also a HUGE Book worm! I am almost never seen without a book, and if I happen to notrainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif have one? Yeah, I'm still reading something. It's most likely just me, but I prefer the printed word over TV and Movies. So if I haven't heard of a new movie that's coming out, don't be too surprised. (Unless The movie is based on a book) 

Right now I'm reading Girl Of Fire and Thorns By Rae Carson

I've decided that instead of just talking about what I like I'll just show you, okay?

Let's get Started.

~"When I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my Favorite things"~


rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gifcase closed photo: Case Closed th7xuxnvb1.gifadventure time gif photo: adventure time finn.gifartemis fowl photo: Artemis Fowl thAvArtemishatesLollipops.gifrainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif

one piece gif photo:  movie1.gifbleach gif photo:  tumblr_lqfwu5eDKQ1qlcpx4.gifOwl city gif photo:  tumblr_ln1iugwNim1qb59o5.gifspongebob gif photo:  Slap.gif

cloudy with a chance of meatballs gif photo:  Coffee_Break.gifprofessor layton gif photo: ''Correct'' Luke tumblr_m3txt3VmNm1rvky8mo1_400.gifadventure time gif photo:  tumblr_lpqyxehR2U1qd69o2.gif

  rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif   Music Artists     !!! rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif 

(I originally wanted to put ALL my favorite Music artists here...but that list was too longgg)

This part is not working right now...Don't worry, I'm fixing it.


rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif Just one more thing... rainbow gif photo: rainbow 3 GIF fad39.gif

I know my doll is hard to decipher, but if you get it, please vote and comment! Same goes with my page or loft. I'll always try to return votes and comments although I currently have only one account...

Okay, I lied to you up there--I need to tell you two things.

I'd like to say a HUGE Thank You to Everyone who ever gave me a gift or helped me put together this page and the many pages that I've done in the past. Love you peeps :)  

Enjoy your life!

Random empty space here...

And this WIA background right here? it's By Fairykisses :)

Age Type City Country
17 years Woman ...I Don't know O.o US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
You ;] Rock, Techno & Classical ;P How about Favorite Book?: Leviathan Series Pizza, Coffee & CANDY
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Sky Blue, Violet, Lime Green Why would I dream of having a McJOB? Pandora Hearts/Bleach/Adventure Time/Psych/Numb3rs/ Reading/Writing

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