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Voted on 2/28/15 Sooo I just realized that I may have been giving you the wrong day because I forgot about rollover :( Oh Well. ANYWAY, I have projects and whatnot. I am very Sorry! *bows deeply* During my free time I have been de-stress-i-fying

||Mickey||Anime Watchererer||Bookworm||Violinist||Singer||Geek||Artist||Writer||75% Confused||Animator??||

And I only have one rule...and That's to follow the game rules. Simple enough, right?


About Me

HI! you may call me, Mickey, Momo, Onyx, Neri or whatever else you think fits! I'm Homeschooled--which means the world is my least for right now. I love the tale of Alice in Wonderland and have read MANY remakes and twists off of it. I draw a lot...pretty much everyday I draw something. I like to draw most everything, nature, manga-style, realistic, abstract. I also write, and I like to draw the characters I come up with. I'm kind of artistic, so I like to make my own jewelery, clothes, bags, lighting (In extreme cases) So yeah, Feel free to talk to me about anything! Except TV! I know nothing about what goes on on TV because I don't have cable. Movies are fine, but mostly I see the ones that were Books first. But totally talk to me about books, I read Novels, series' and manga and...Virtually everything. I could list What manga I'm reading right now, but that would take a long time, I think I'm into about...twenty or so? Yeah, so just go ahead and ask stuff or whatever :D


I'm Currently...

I just wanted to try this out and see if it works...

I'm Reading: V is for Villian by ..... (Forgot)

Anime I'm watching: I'm trying to get into One Piece again, but ended up watching Free!   

I'm drawing: Sketching out Characters and adding commentary. I've actually made myself lol several times

Manga Chapter I just finished: One Piece Volume 72    

Current Favorite Song: OK - Strawberry Milk (Because I just randomly start singing it)

 Doll is Cosplaying as:Secret:A person who dresses like me. Jap palace: Maya Fey..? Loft: DON"T GO THERE! (It's a mess) English cottage: Also a mess, though not as bad as the loft (?)


Thank You for Visiting!

If It was to vote, Then I will Definitely return those votes. Through, I must say, this is my one and ONLY account, but should the need arise, I'll make another one. If you came to to talk or whatever, that's fine too, I'm totally up for that, just know that I ask a LOT of questions. Want to add me? Go ahead! Just know that that doesn't always mean that I'm your friend. If we don't really talk at all, and you just did it kind of randomly, Don't you agree that that's kind of one sided? Want to exchange dailies? Sure! Just know that I'm not online everyday, so it's more like "semi-dailes" Sorry ^^"


Anyway, Peace, Love, and Rubber Ducks :D

Gotta give credit to FairyKisses for this WIA background, which she was kind enough to put up for everyone to use! She makes really good stuff. I'd also like to credit all original artists of the photos I used, Though I edited them. All pictures are from Pandora Hearts :)

Age Type City Country
18 years Woman ...I Don't know O.o US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
You ;] Rock, Techno & Classical ;P How about Favorite Book?: Leviathan Series Pizza, Coffee & CANDY
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Sky Blue, Violet, Lime Green Why would I dream of having a McJOB? Pandora Hearts/Sherlock Reading/Writing/Drawing

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