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{#new}Currents!{#new}       I voted on 8/X/2015  I'M SO SORRY~! My internet has to be the stupidest thing since...I don't know just think of something stupid. And I've been working and doing schoolwork and don't have the time to wait for it. I cannot vote for you, I might be able to on monday  (31) But I don't know. But don't feel the need to waste your votes on me~! >O< Mianhaeyo *Bows*                                                          Saranghaeyo( = I love you) And reach your dreams along with the sky! <3 Kamsa Hamnida (=Thank you) For reading :)


Hiya!{#applau} Call me Neri{#gai}I'm a highly nerdy Teenager who happens to act older (most of the time), be careful, you might catch my nerdiness.. Someone who can't keep track of time, and a bon-diggity dancer! xD No, seriously, I can really bust some moves {#lol}I took A lot of clas ses, and play Just Dance like a boss, no one I know can beat me with my near perfect scores ;) That aside, I've been playing this...interesting doll game since...*tries to remember* 2009 or 2010, I don't remember, that was eons ago, I'm not terribly awesome at remembering when all sorts of stuff happens in between, like I never write this 'Who Am I' the same way twice. {#honte}I Speak several Languages! Including: English, French, Korean, German, Japanese, and Spanish, from most fluent to least {#good}And then people are trying to teach me Hmong like my brain had room xD I know too many diverse people and watch too much foreign stuff...ALSO! I'm a Anime Manga Fan! {#mang} My Favorites are Pandora Hearts, D. Gray Man, Case Closed, & OHSHC :) Though, of course, I know the popular ones like Naruto and Bleach, and some of the not-so popular ones too {#bisou}HUGE music fanatic, since I like pretty much everything, except for popular stuff? I don't know, I just could never really get into the stuff on the radio? Kinda makes me sorta of a hipster ^^" You also maaaay have guessed this, but I like K-pop and J-pop, Currently an ARMY, L.O.^.E., BANA, VIP, EXO-L, a fan of Sekai no Owari (End of the World), and kiiiinda a fan of G Dragon.{#love} If you know what I'm talking about--speak the same strange alien language--then let's fangirl together! Besides my weird foreign music tastes (I also like french music!), I Like Lana Del Rey, Lindsey Stirling (My Hero since I play Violin and dance--not at the same time, but still),Marianas Trench, Buddy Holly, Bob Marley, Owl City, Skrillex, Zomboy, and like many more.{#ouf} I LOVE books! They are like my life, I read three novels a week usually, and that's where most of my money goes, that and Clothes ;P but that's why I work at a clothing store ;) I'm homeschooled, which means I'm one of THOSE kids {#magic}--at least for one more year, I don't watch TV because I don't have cable, that's why I'm so fun and spontanious and tend to more or less make fun of myself to make other people laugh!{#mdr}But I love meeting new people, I'm a Role-player on the boards, and I'm randomly awesome. Thank you if you read this, and yes, I highlighted the important bits for the people who didn't quite read this ;)

This is new, mainly because I love images/GIFs, But when I first started (MyDivaDoll), I used to put a different image every week. I Think I was like 12 at the time? xD


Really, I'm a Geek at Heart, if the rooms weren't themed, at least a little bit, then It wouldn't be fun :) I'm a writer, forgive the long explanation, I couldn't help myself ^^

Loft~ My messy overcrowded random otaku bedroom, with way too many dogs My doll is celebrating reaching 100 weekly votes! Kya! It's basically a big thank you, with gifts and everything.

Japanese Palace~ Where I keep all things Japanese while my doll stays at a Ryokan to work on her manga (and then go out to eat ramen with friends) She's dressed as a Dragon Spirit inspired by Studio Ghibli

English Cottage~ My Doll's summer home just outside of London ^^ This is also where she hosts most of her tea parties gotta have a Cuppa! Right Now She's Ciel Phantomhive, so he just wants everyone to leave already xD

Secret Dollz~ My doll's covering a designer clothing office for her newspaper, but is probably learning a lot about modern fashion while she's there. Dressed as a super cool rebel/hipster/thing idea I had. Like it? She personifies flowers in a way.

More to come~!

I'm NOT Accepting Daily Voters~! ^^

(Please Ask through PM or comment tho!)

 My friend list is NOT My DV list. Surprise Surprise, it's actually my friend list xD



I Return all votes given to me (As long as you didn't also leave an offensive Comment >.<) NOTE: I do check my last 100 ~.^

I don't mind if you vote +1, but really, I'm a litte OCD, so if you see my Lifetime votes are uneven, I'd very much appreciate it if you evened them out, because that's Bae <3

I've just started this DVing business, so I only have this one alt:

Her actual name...Is Minki, because that's who she's cosplaying as, and I hope to have all her rooms themed like the Nu'est M/Vs ^^

There might be more to come, but for now that's it :)

Just need to give a HUGE thank you to all the people who helped me put together this glorious page, it makes me want to cry sometimes, it's so much how I wanted it, And I could still hug Sweettears90 and Darkelfqueen (Darky) for helping me get the scrollboxes up and running and helping me understand this coding stuff on a very basic level xD sometimes I wonder if you are awesome aliens who know the secret to the world O.O Because now I can go on forever about these other awesome people who I must thank! >:D


This was for Voting for like a week while I was away, couldn't return the votes, so I made it special. If ya'll ever want anything special, all you gotta do is ask me :)

I'd like to thank everyone who gave me a gift,

elonnanyElonnany, who gave me these cute little russian dolls. These were my toys when I was little too! I for real love these things, and I know you gave me a few other gifts, but that was before I was writing it down. Please tell me if you know which! <3

angelfireAngelfire, who gave me a really cute teddy! I'm currently looking for the image ^^" You might have also given me some other stuff, but I don't remember ^^" <3

aluralegendAluralegend, who gave me a few plants, and a white makona plushie! It's one of those gifts that I saw and used immediately xD <3 Historygeek! Gave me this cute little plant Thank you! I know you can get pretty busy ^^ Saranghaeyo <3 for giving me this cute little floatation device >3< I love love it, and you are forever super cool :) <3


I will put more specifics when I'm not so tired, but for now, know that I love you <3

I'd like to thank Rukia131 for that AMAZING avatars and signatures she's made me on the board <3

Thank you to Fairykisses for this WIA background, I use one every single time I redo My Page, and they are all just gorgeous and awesome and making them available to anyone is very awesome of you :)

I'll have to finish this later :)


Theme: #My Love Story~ <3

"Video Games" ~ Lana Del Rey

"Boy In Luv" ~ Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS)

"Wolf" ~ EXO (M or K)

"Hey Mami" ~ Sylvan Esso

"Brokenhearted" ~ Karmin


CREDITS: BACKGROUND by sweetricecake@deviantart|| WIA BACKGROUND by fairykisses || PICTURES(from top to bottom on dividers): Kim Taehyung of BTS, Gongchan of B1A4, Choi Minki of Nu'EST, Pandora Hearts Main Character Chibi's by Jun Mochizuki, Canada of Hetalia, Ciel Phantomhive (Of Black Butler) as a girl. || GIFs/images are from BING || Font on Dividers and Welcome Banner is DFKai ||

Age Type City Country
18 years Woman ...I Don't know O.o US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
You ;] Rock, Techno & Classical, K-Pop, J-Pop ;P How about Favorite Book?: Leviathan Series Pizza, Tea & CANDY
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Sky Blue, Violet, Lime Green Why would I dream of having a McJOB? Pandora Hearts/Sherlock Reading/Writing/Drawing

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