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A real friend is one who walks in when the rest...
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Will only be online to work and maybe reply to some comments, starting to give a few random votes here and there, and return votes. Not too sure when I'll be back to daily voting, but I'll let you guys know on my news section when I do. Thanks for your understanding! ^.^

Could anyone help with please? Thanks in advance :)

WIA and loft currently under construction, and will probably remain that way for quite some time >< (until the next 50% room sales) Construction in Progress for both Main and Alt Lofts. 

WIA Crits or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Still evening out dolls' votes ^_^ 

About Me:

Chinese Orchestra Member and proud of it!

Not Your Conventional Orchestra | Music from the ♥ | 耐友灿哦 | 胜(笙)人 FTW! XD

K-pop fan forever~!

인피니트, 인스피릿 화이팅!

I'm just an ordinary teenage girl who loves K-pop and can't live without her CCA XD. I come from Singapore (GMT +8) and here, it's summer all year round~

My favourite colors include Light Blue/Aqua, White and Black.

Likes/Interests: Science (more of Chemistry and a bit of Bio), Arts (even though I can't draw ><), Animals (especially cats ^^), Music (Mainly Chinese Orchestral and K-POP!)

I love meeting new people, so feel free to send me a PM, even if it's just to chat ^^

News Feed:

16/12: It's Christmas soon! Yay~ I'm not currently exchanging daily votes and might not respond to comments or PMs, but that depends on my schedule. <_< So yea, sorry for being so dao nowadays, but gah I'm being killed by my schedule >.<

23/11: My my, has it been long... Managed to cut down my 51 unread messages to 5 unread messages! Woot~ Sort of back from my hiatus, though still not back to daily voting yet.

8/9: Woohoo! I made it! Thanks guys, you rock <3 Now to start returning all those votes... I may or may not be going on a 2-4 week hiatus after I return all the votes, as my finals are coming.

6/9: Decided to try for the 1000 vote trophy instead, since you guys are just so helpful (and a couple of you suggested it as well ^.^) I know it's ambitious, but hopefully I'll be able to reach it in time?

2/9: Aiming for the 500 weekly vote trophy starting tomorrow! Please help and spread the message, thanks!

21/8: Suffering from short term memory and probably didn't vote yesterday, so I'm sending out double votes today! (For once, I have enough alts to send doubles~ XD)

19/8: Resumed daily voting today, all votes returned. If I missed anyone out, do tell me! Created two new alts, hamstar2 and hamstar3, so any votes from them are from me! ^.^

12/8: Missed votes yesterday. >.< I had 13-14 hour rehearsals in school, so I only reached home around 12:30am this morning. Fell asleep almost right away, so I didn't vote, sorry! :(

13/7: Another Friday the 13th! We were planning on having our concert today, but pushed it back one week. Created a new alt, hamstar. All holiday votes returned~

5/6: Back from Hong Kong! Time to return votes and comments ^_^

28/5: So tired that I can't tell which comments I've replied to and which I haven't so if I double reply/don't reply to a question, I'm sorry >.< Feel free to poke me with a long stick (via comment/PM) if that does happen. Thanks!

22/5: Re-arranged my bookmarks (which are what I use to sort which alt I use to vote for which people), so some people might have received votes from another alt doll instead of the usual. This change is pretty much permanent, so yea. I won't be changing it again anytime soon (hopefully).

20/5: Might have used different alt dolls to vote for different people today, sorry about that. It was a mistake on my part. Voting dolls will probably be switched around a bit for some people soon, depends on when I get time to arrange my bookmarks.

19/5: To whoever it may concern, 'per' was supposed to be 'perfo.rm', but the 'fo.rm' was for some reason deleted in the comment...

14/5: So tired today... Stayed back late to help out with ushering for our school's Fiesta. Loads of homework left to do, looks like I'll be busy for the next few days. To anyone who I owe PM replies to, I may only be able to reply in another few days. Sorry! >.<

3/5: I KNOW I mis-voted for someone on my alt doll snowlove. So if that person is you, please send me a PM or comment, and I'll return the votes ASAP. Sorry! >.<

29/4: My internet is currently screwing up very badly, so if I mis-voted, I'm sorry. Trying to even out any votes right now >.<

28/4: It's my dad's birthday ^_^ I'm back to leaving comments, though they are simple. REALLY simple.

16/5: WOOT~ EXAMS ARE OVER. -tears up worksheets- JKJK XD Went to watch the Hunger Games Movie with a couple of my cl***mates today, it was fun ^_^

15/5: Missed either yesterday or today's votes, will pay them back ASAP! Really sorry, I was just REALLY tired and had to study. ><

11/5: Missed yesterday's votes due to the maintenance, I'll try to make up for them using the next 4-5 days, please be patient, thank you!

9/5: Mis-voted with my alt Lovesnow, so I used my main to try to even out some votes, not too sure about the voting though, sorry! Used my remaining votes on main and alt to even out some dolls' votes, hope no one minds...

5/5: Thank God It's Thursday votes XD I'm so glad there's no school on Good Friday~

31/3: Earth day~ Haha, it was fun ^^ I'll go back to leaving comments in another 2 weeks, I promise, because then, my exams will be over XD Can't wait to finally be able to relax!

18/3: I'll probably be voting silent for now, getting busier. Sorry ><

17/3: Voting quick, didn't leave comments. Please check your last 100 votes, thanks ^^

12/3: My one week holiday starts today! ^^ But I'll have to spend it doing homework :/ Finished returning all votes, if I missed you, please PM or comment, thanks!

9/3: Back from camp, ready to start voting again ^^ Returning votes ASAP.

4/3: Going overseas tomorrow! Wee~

3/3: Learnt from my mistake yesterday with comments, it didn't happen again today ^^

2/3: Accidentally typed "Voted with my alt" with some comments even though I used this account. Really sorry about that! ><

1/3: Voted without comments, sorry, I just have a LOAD of homework due tomorrow ><


I will always return votes (+2s only please! +1s will not be returned); it's just a matter of when. I always try my best to return them ASAP, but sometimes I can't/I forgot. I usually return votes 1 (or 2 if our time zones are very different) day later, since I only look at the votes from the previous day when checking. If I haven't returned any of your votes, do comment/send me a message!

(Currently not exchanging votes though, sorry!)

Please only +2, unless my lifetime doll and loft votes are uneven, then I would really appreciate it if you could +1 to the lower one to help even them out ^^ I'm a bit OCD XP Even if you +1 for that reason, I'll still vote twice back, so don't worry ^^

If I don't receive votes from you for 10 days straight, I'll leave you a comment asking if we are still exchanging daily votes. If you don’t reply within a certain number of days, I will then take you off my voting list. However, if you are unable to vote, do either leave a comment or post it in your news/WIA section. That way, I'll still continue voting for you. On the other hand, if you don't mention anything, and you haven't been voting, I'll just ***ume that we've stopped exchanging daily votes. If you would like to continue exchanging daily votes after we've stopped, just vote for me/ leave a comment/ message me ^^

(I just thought I should mention, the reason why I take voting so seriously is not because I only care about votes. I’m here to make friends too. But as my schedule gets busier and busier, I’ll have less time on the com***r and would prefer spending that time voting for people who are actually active and vote back, rather than those who are already on a hiatus.)

I do my best to leave comments, and will reply to any comment you leave me. However, if I am busy/my internet ***ction decides to be temperamental, I may have to stop leaving comments for a while, though I'll still continue to vote, so please check your last 100 votes. Thanks!


Thank you Asuchan for my first gift, the vase of yellow flowers ^^

Thank you Asuchan again, for the orange and red bunny, it was such a pleasant surprise :)

Thank you Okuan for the white and blue bunny, my favourite colors! XD

Thank you f-a-i-t-h for the Beauty Diploma plaque, and happy belated birthday to your mum! ^_^

Thank you elonnany for the lively and colourful butterflies! They really do help to brighten both my room and mood :D

Thank you lunely, for the wonderful black bag! It's exactly what I needed to complete my outfit :)

Thank you arlekinlain, for the beautiful bright pink flowers! I still need to figure out where to put them, but I love them all the same <3

Thank you Willowskye for the little white bunny ^_^ And yes, I know it isn't good, but once an OMD Cat Gang 7er, ALWAYS an OMD Cat Gang 7er XD

Thank you melody1231, my dearest unnie for the (coincidentally) matching black bunny :D And thanks for constantly trying to send me the gift when it didn't get through, I really appreciate it :)

Thank you yuuki07 for the... shell... tree... accessory holder... thing...? I have no idea what it's really supposed to be, but it's beautiful, thank you! XD

Thank you eliisa for the lovely blue bunny. ^_^ IT'S BLUE~ Sorry, couldn't help it. XD I really like how it's in my favourite color, so thanks!

Thank you historygeek for the cute orange and red bunneh~ To be honest I really didn't expect a gift from you, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. :)

Thank you willowskye (again) for the colorful little drink! It's perfect for summer (it's been sweltering*** nowsdays...). And thanks for the suggestions regarding the bug. :)

Thank you eyecandy9 for the butterflies! I just love butterflies and these are so pretty. <3 Now to figure out where to put them... XD

Thank you redridinghood07 for the little doll! I'm so glad you managed to reach your goal, you really didn't have to give me a gift, but thank you all the same! ^.^

Thank you yuuki07 once again! Those balloons are just so cute and perfect to celebrate my school's upcoming musical!

Thank you kimaly for the lovely Best Friend Diploma! It really means a lot to me, and I wish you didn't have to leave... :( But regardless, I wish you all the best in whatever you do, and I can't wait for your returns during break! <3

Thank you maytiling for the cute cacti! (alliteration XD) Even though I don't even know you, but this gift was really cute <3 I'll definitely find a good place for it where it'll get the amount of sunlight it needs~ XD

Thank you Jazz333 for the two lovely gifts -the white bunny and red Chinese... container? Not too sure what it is...- Anyways, thanks so much for it, and even though we aren't that close, I do wish you wouldn't leave. I totally understand why you would leave though, since I feel the same way. Regardless, I'll miss you~

My Alts:

All my alts are purely voting dolls, so while votes to them are appreciated, they will not be returned.

As of now all my alts either include a permutation of snow, love and diva in their names, or hamstar followed by a number. They also have my avatar as their background, and a disclaimer in both their 'news' section and WIA. Any account claiming to be me that isn't in my friends list is not me!

I currently have 14 alts, not including my main account, and while I'm not intending on creating any more alts for now, that might change over time.

The first 5 alts are the so-called Original Alts, with a permutation of snow, love and diva in their names, whereas the 9 with 'Hamstar' in their names are what I call my Generation 1 alts.

Each alt has a semi-specific theme, though a relatively broad theme. My goal for each alt, is for them to have a $7 job and get 5 rooms (including the loft) all in 5 different tabs (villa, royal, cinema, town, etc.). Once they reach 5 rooms that are all fully decorated, they'll have officially 'graduated' and I probably won't be touching them for the next few years or so (provided I can even continue playing OMD for that long...).

So here, you'll get to see each and every one of my alts, their theme, and also some of their outfits (just refresh the page for a new outfit XD).



My main account, nothing more, nothing less.

(Avatar will be up after I sort out my loft <_<)

Currently still a work in progress since I need another couple of rooms or so before I get arrange all the furniture in my loft.

I'm thinking of using my hard earned Fee'z to buy a Garden, hopefully it'll be worth it since it's the biggest room Feerik can offer for now.

The flirting turned random alt.

I started off flirting on this account because I wanted to see how many guys it would take for her to change from being a young, nice girl to something else.

But it took too long and way too much money (in my opinion), buying stuff I didn't even like. :/

So I stopped flirting, and made her the main alt for me to experiment with different combinations of clothing.

I will usually open the magic cupboards once or twice, and then try to create an outfit from what I get.

Most of the results are really random and weird, but there are a few that I am quite proud of.

Her outfits are always in sets of 8 items.

She's a Princess, and has her Loft, and the Cloud Room.

The level turned quest alt.

The very first alt I created, and I spent all her money on levelling up before I realised there was a level guide in the forums <_<

So I turned her into a 'quest' doll, so to say.

She mainly alternates with her good friend Snowdiva, on completing the quests.

She's the first alt I have to reach 5 rooms, but even though she already has 5 rooms, I'm hoping to complete one more quest on her before letting her graduate. :)

She's a Movie Star, and has her Loft, the Flatmate Room, the Secret Dollz Room, the African Room, and the Duplex: 2nd Level Room.

The quest alt, through and through.

I created her as the quest alt since the beginning, but slowly realised that one alt did not earn enough money between quests to do everything.

(And of course, I have a bad enough OCD to want to complete every quest.)

So now, she alternates between her good friend Snowlove to do quests that neither offer $7 jobs or new rooms (because my other alts complete those quests XD).

I think compared to Snowlove which usually has more 'pretty' looks and outfits, she's a bit more crazy and random, with the fairy outfit, the vampire, the pop star (Lady Gaga inspired), etc.

Of course, the Lady Gaga outfits are only there because I needed the $7 job. :x

She's a Pop Star, and has her Loft, the Japanese Palace Room, the Fantastic World Room, and the Haunted Castle Room.

The very first alt I have that has a colour-specific theme: BLUE!

I chose blue because it was my favourite color, and I decided to experiment a bit more with her, using a different type of eye, and letting her have a hair-do, instead of just the usual wig cap.

At first, she was meant to be the doll that represents me, with the yellowish skin tone (even though I'm tan now <_<), black hair, etc. but I found it too limited so I just made her the 'blue doll'. XD

The only clothes you'll ever see her wearing are blue based, and coincidentally, she's also starting to become the 'temporary flirt doll'.

I'm hoping to be able to get blue-ish rooms for her, but since it'll probably be very limited, I'm just going to let her do quests that have blue outfits as rewards.

(You'll be surprised at how rare those quests are, most dresses they give are either black, white, or warm colours, I rarely see a blue dress...

But that's why I jumped onto the winter quest, since they gave not one, but TWO blue dresses :D)

Her outfits are always in sets of 6 items.

She's a Dancer, and has her Loft, and the Garden half of Sarah's Home Room.

She's the only 'original' alt that doesn't have a 'permutation opposite', e.g. Snowlove and Lovesnow, Snowdiva and Divasnow, but Lovediva doesn't have a Divalove because that name was already taken D:.

She's the 'Magic Chest' alt, so 99% of the furniture in her loft is from the Magic Chest.

Unfortunately I can't keep it 100% for all the rooms, because by getting those rooms and the $7 job, I'll have to complete the quests which also give furniture along the way.

As of now, I've only finished the Zen Magic Chest.

Like Divasnow, I let her have a hair-do and a different type of eye.

One of the greatest challenges with this alt is that I told myself that I can't use Divabucks to buy her clothes.

Instead, I'm going the 'cheap and free' way, so either by getting free clothes, or by buying the clothes from the OhMyBoutique store (since it's technically free).

(OK fine, you caught me, so I did buy some clothes from the stores, but that was only because they haven't updated the OhMyBoutique clothes in MONTHS.

And I bought the cheapest ones I could find.)

Her outfits are always in sets of 7 items.

She's a Writer, and has her Loft, and the Penthouse Room.

She's the 'Magic Cupboard' alt, so in a way, she's the counterpart of Lovediva, or the "would-have-been-Divalove", if only the name wasn't taken. <_<

So yea, all her clothes come from the Magic Cupboards, except those free ones we get for logging in on specific days XD

I'm not planning on doing much to her rooms (furniture-wise), but that might change once I finish a few quests to get her those 5 rooms. XD

As of now, I've only finished the Steam Punk Wardrobe.

She was actually supposed to have red eyes like Lovediva, but I found it too scary and evil looking, so I changed it.

They still do have the same type of eye though...

She's a Model, and has her Loft.

She's the 'Pale Luxury' Alt, so her counterpart would be 'Tan Luxury Alt', or Hamstar3. XD

So I started her and Hamstar3 mainly because I wanted to see if there were certain colours that looked better on pale skin or tanner skin.

Of course, I 'intelligently' decided to make them only have clothes from the Luxury store (and any quest clothes, when I get them those 5 rooms and the $7 job...)

I guess in a way, it's a challenge to see how well I can save money, haha.

But I guess it's not that big a test, since I do pretty much nothing else on those two accounts.

She's a Model, and has her Loft.

She's the 'Tan Luxury' Alt, so her counterpart would be 'Pale Luxury Alt', or Hamstar2. XD

So I started her and Hamstar2 mainly because I wanted to see if there were certain colours that looked better on pale skin or tanner skin.

Of course, I 'intelligently' decided to make them only have clothes from the Luxury store (and any quest clothes, when I get them those 5 rooms and the $7 job...)

I guess in a way, it's a challenge to see how well I can save money, haha.

But I guess it's not that big a test, since I do pretty much nothing else on those two accounts.

She's a Model, and has her Loft.













Age Type City Country
19 years Woman Singapore Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Light Blue Veterinarian

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