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+2 votes from laralola60
05/05/2016 à 09:45:56
Wednesday votes from Julieanne1976
05/05/2016 à 03:33:22
+2 from Iponyx3123 may the fourth be with you...
05/05/2016 à 02:26:11
+2 Wednesday votes:D<3
05/05/2016 à 01:52:39

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About Me:

Chinese Orchestra Member and proud of it!

K-pop fan forever~


I'm just an ordinary teenage girl who loves K-pop XD. I come from Singapore (GMT +8) and here, it's summer all year round~ 


My favourite colors include Light Blue/Aqua, White and Black.


Likes/Interests: Science (mostly Biology), Arts & Craft, Animals (especially cats ^^), Music (mainly K-POP!)


I love meeting new people, so feel free to send me a PM, even if it's just to chat ^^



Voting: I'm back to daily voting! I'll try to return any votes given to me while I was away but if I missed any do let me know! 

Please keep my lifetime votes even! Still evening out dolls' votes ^^


Rooms: Loft, Garden and Rainbow Room under construction, Japanese Palace, Mediterranean, Hotel and Viking Village pretty much done though! I'm planning on completely re-vamping my Rainbow room... Do let me know if you have any suggestions! 


WIA: Still under construction. Concrits/comments would be greatly appreciated ^^


News Feed:

21/4: Silent votes for today! (and maybe onwards)

4/4: I'm back and ready to resume daily voting ^^

30/3: I will be going overseas tomorrowing til 3rd April so I won't be able to vote for the next few days!

15/3: I have a new more alts now, hamstar, hamstar1, hamstar2, etc. so yep votes from them are from me!

10/3: I just created a new alt, divalove so now I have 1 alt and space for more daily voters so yep do let me know if you wanna swap daily votes ^^

8/3: So I've been back for a couple days now and should be back for at least a month or so ^^ Will be accepting daily voters though I lost my alts so only up to 10 for now :x



Thank you Asuchan for my first gift, the vase of yellow flowers ^^

Thank you Asuchan again, for the orange and red bunny, it was such a pleasant surprise :)

Thank you Okuan for the white and blue bunny, my favourite colors! XD

Thank you f-a-i-t-h for the Beauty Diploma plaque, and happy belated birthday to your mum! ^_^

Thank you elonnany for the lively and colourful butterflies!

Thank you lunely, for the wonderful black bag! It's exactly what I needed to complete my outfit :)

Thank you arlekinlain, for the beautiful bright pink flowers! 

Thank you Willowskye for the little white bunny ^_^ 

Thank you melody1231, my dearest unnie for the (coincidentally) matching black bunny :D And thanks for constantly trying to send me the gift when it didn't get through, I really appreciate it :)

Thank you yuuki07 for the... shell... tree... accessory holder... thing...? I have no idea what it's really supposed to be, but it's beautiful, thank you! XD

Thank you eliisa for the lovely blue bunny. ^_^ I really like how it's in my favourite color, so thanks! 

Thank you historygeek for the cute orange and red bunneh~ To be honest I really didn't expect a gift from you, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. :)

Thank you willowskye (again) for the colorful little drink! It's perfect for summer and thanks for the suggestions regarding the bug. :)

Thank you eyecandy9 for the butterflies! I just love butterflies and these are so pretty. <3

Thank you redridinghood07 for the little doll! I'm so glad you managed to reach your goal, you really didn't have to give me a gift, but thank you all the same! ^.^

Thank you yuuki07 once again! Those balloons are just so cute and perfect to celebrate my school's upcoming musical!

Thank you kimaly for the lovely Best Friend Diploma! It really means a lot to me, and I wish you didn't have to leave... :( But regardless, I wish you all the best in whatever you do, and I can't wait for your returns during break! <3

Thank you maytiling for the cute cacti! Even though I don't even know you, but this gift was really cute <3 

Thank you Jazz333 for the two lovely gifts -the white bunny and red Chinese... container? Not too sure what it is...- Anyways, thanks so much for it, and even though we aren't that close, I do wish you wouldn't leave. Regardless, I'll miss you~

Thank you faechild86 for the wonderful sunflowers! It was definitely a pleasant surprise :)

Thank you rheasilvia and cooki esez so much for the spring wig! 

Thank you julieanne1976 for the beautiful red flowers ^^

I also recevied some gifts during my hiatus but since the messages are gone I'm not sure who they were from :x But thank you all the same! ^^


I will always return votes (+2s only please! +1s will not be returned). I always try my best to return them ASAP, but sometimes I can't/I forgot. If I haven't returned any of your votes, do comment/send me a message!

Please only +2, unless my lifetime doll and loft votes are uneven, then I would really appreciate it if you could +1 to the lower one to help even them out ^^ Even if you +1 for that reason, I'll still vote twice back, so don't worry ^^

Sometimes I'll leave silents votes, so please check your last 100 votes. Thanks!


My Alts:

All my alts are purely voting dolls, so while votes to them are appreciated, they will not be returned. They also have a disclaimer in their WIA.

I used to have 5 alts but I lost them after my hiatus.

My goal for each alt is for them to have a $7 job and get 5 rooms in 5 different tabs (villa, royal, cinema, town, etc.).

So here, you'll get to see each and every one of my alts, their theme, and also some of their outfits (just refresh the page for a new outfit XD). 



My Current Alts:

The Quest Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft




The Magic Cupboard Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft




The other Quest Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft




The Fair Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft




The Tan Alt

Job: Model

Room(s): Loft


My Ex-Alts:

The Quest Alt 
Job: Pop Star
Room(s): Loft, Japanese Palace, the Fantastic World, the Haunted Castle

The Level turned Quest Alt
Job: Movie Star
Room(s): Loft, Flatmate Room, Secret Dollz Room, African Room, Duplex: 2nd Level


The Flirting turned Random Alt

Job: Princess

Room(s): Loft, Cloud Room 




The Blue Alt

Job: Dancer

Room(s): Loft, Sarah's Home: Garden




The Magic Chest Alt

Job: Writer

Room(s): Loft, the Penthouse

Age Type City Country
19 years Woman Singapore Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Light Blue Veterinarian

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