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Stopping by to check in on you!
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novemberleaf has 3 goodness points.


    Sorry, I really need to stop voting for a few days. Going to my mom`s birth village tomorrow. It`s unexpected so I hope everyone will be understanding. Hugs! >:D<


                   Welcome to my page!

"Don`t try to be different, try to be good. To be good is different enough." Athur Freed


2nd of April: I lived under the impression it`s Tuesday today, until I saw a comment <> LOL

5000 votes on the 7th of August! :) Thank you all!

 Special thanks for the latest gifts  to :

for the latest gifts! <3

4444 votes on the 9th of June . :)


About Me:

          My real name is Andreea. I am from Romania and I`m 19 years old. I like summer rains, vintage things,ribbons, polka dots, cats, pastel colors, organical chemistry, foreign languages, piano , asian fashion, korean dramas.

My favourite korean dramas are "Love rain", "Boys over flowers" , "Personal Taste" , "My girl" , " Heirs" , "Goong" ,"Dae Jang Geum"  . My favourite korean actors are Lee Min Ho , Yoona , Park Min Young.

 For you to know:

I always return votes, so you may vote confidently!

I  have some alternate accounts, to help me return votes:



I am a member on the french, german,spanish, italian sites too. My main account is Novemberleaf on each of these, but I`m not as active as I am here on the other sites.








Age Type City Country
20 years Woman Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Calla , The Classic , War and Peace 2007, A walk to remember , If only,
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pastel colours Love Rain ,Boys Over Flowers ,Heirs , Goong , Yi San , Dae Jang Geum ,

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