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Easy does it .... +2 with warm hugz from Cook...
24/06/2017 à 05:06:41
My main is pretty much always poor. Other dolls...
23/06/2017 à 21:31:08
Happy pink flamingo day! Friday votes from...
23/06/2017 à 00:08:56
Sorry no votes yesterday...took the day off to...
22/06/2017 à 17:50:02

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racoongal has 3 goodness points.

North Pole Adventurer


June 19: does anyone have that one account that they feel like is ALWAYS too poor to actually do anything on, because your always buying things on it? I feel this way with this account 'racoongal'

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Message me Privately if you want to do Dailies with me, I am Always willing to accept new Voters!

My Daily Votes list is located on my account "ambernixie" If your not on that list and should be, Please do send me a Private Message so that I can fix it.

If I feel you are not doing Votes, or Voting for me I will not Vote in return. I will then take you off my Daily Votes list..If this needs fixing then let me know.

If you leave Daily Votes, then Return to start Voting again. Please send me a Message letting me know! I tend to Not look at someone's page After it is said that they are not Voting anymore.



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 By: Zarinen


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26 years Woman Florida US
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Old Rock Anything Disney! Sweets
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Black Game of Thrones Reading

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