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Stumbling onto this page is no mere coincidence, ladies and gentlemen.. or should I say.. Witches and Wizards of OhMyDollz. You have been chosen by the Five Spirits of Humanity. Welcome to the Circle, a place where beings wield the magic of a bond, a bond so great that no ordinary person will be able to harness its power..

Will you embrace this magic?

New witches and wizards.. please message your Headmistress, witch98, to complete your Entrance Exam. Put the words "Entrance Exam Request" in the subject line of your message, and answer the questions. Do not ask to join in the comments. This will determine which Spirit accepts you into our Circle. If no spirit accepts you.. well.. I'll tell you what happens after that, now won't I? Nothing bad will happen; you have my Witch's Honor.



1) What is your favorite color?

Choose one : (black/blue/green/red/silver)

2) What is your favorite season?

Choose one : (spring/summer/winter/fall/I don't like the seasons.)

3) What is your favorite animal?

Choose one: (cat/dragon/bird/seal/I don't like animals)

4) You are walking in the park when your friend accidentally falls. You:

  • A) Laugh at her.
  • B) Say "I knew you were going to do that."
  • C) Call an ambulance.
  • D) Hug her until she feels better.
  • E) Help her up and give her a bandaid.
5) It is your birthday, and your parents refuse to let you have a party. You:
  • A) Whine until you get one
  • B) Say "..I saw this coming.."
  • C) Go to your room and IM all your friends about it :(
  • D) Throw a secret party and invite everyone anyway
  • E) Suck it up, it's no big deal.



After you have recieved a reply from Headmistress witch98, scroll down: read the rules and the FAQ, then scroll down some more to read the first ***ignment.
- - - - - - - - - - - - ♥



  rules     1. Always respect your Circle Members. Failure to uphold this rule includes banning membership of the Circle and taking away all earned rights and achievements. 
2. Do not be discouraged if something does not go the way you intend it to go. You can always seek help from your Circle or Sub-Circle.
3. Remember to always follow the standard OhMyDollz rules that you have agreed to when you signed up. Failure to uphold this rule includes banning membership of the Circle and taking away all earned rights and achievements.
4. Do not copy any of your Circle members. You are to be creative and complete the ***ignments on your own. Help is allowed. Copying is not. If you are found copying, Participation points will not be rewarded, and your grade overall will drop severely.
Q: If I don't like my Witch Cl***, can I change it to a different cl***? 
A: Of course you can. But you have to retake the Entrance Exam, and you must wait 10 minutes after taking the Exam to take it again. If you have Achievement Points on your Old Witch Cl*** and transfer to a new Witch Cl***, your points will not be transferred. They will be reset and you will have to start all over again. You can only change your cl*** up to 5 times so choose wisely.
Q: Does my Doll have to correspond to my Witch Cl*** Colors?
A: Yes, it does. However, Headmistress witch98 is very flexible with coloring. If your Witch colors are blue and white, you may have different shades of blue/whiteIf you are not sure if this color is a shade of your Cl*** color, come speak to Headmistress witch98  and she will confirm it for you.
Q: Do I have to make a new Doll to join the Circle?
A: No, it is not required, but it is recommended that you do. Most ***ignments in the Circle will be Dress-up ***ignments. You may notcreate multiple accounts to join the Circle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - ♥


Snow Witches:        Flame Witches:     Earth Witches:   Sky Witches:

   arista                        paganwitch          blueembers      animedjozma                                                                    celis                      lunamoon98 


Fate Witches :                    Night witches:                  nature witch:

witch98                               dodocha                            takemeaway





First ***ignment for New Witches and Wizards..

1) Make sure you have taken the Entrance Exam. A new doll is reccommended for The Circle. Find out which Spirit has accepted you. By the end of the Exam, Headmistress witch98 should've told you your element and all of the neccessary info.

- If you have taken the test on an old doll, and wish to transfer to a new doll, message Headmistress witch98  about the change, then proceed.

- Make sure that Headmistress witch98  is aware that you are now part of the Sisterhood. We do not wish to have any mix ups.

2) Using the info that Headmistress witch98 has provided, please dress your Doll accordingly.  You are not required to buy a Witch's hat. (I am aware of the fact that the coloring is very limited. Be creative my Circle Members.) You are only required to stick to the color code that has been ***igned at the end of the test.This ***ignment is worth 5 doll votes on completion. Due date will be given soon later. You have plenty of time.

- You are allowed to ask help from the Circle and the staff here at the Circle. (For now, the staff is rushing to get the Circle together, and the student list is being created. Be patient and work on your own while Headmistress witch98  finishes the list.)

3) When you are done, PM witch98 . Put "First ***ignment Completion" in the subject line of your message, and Headmistress witch98 will award you doll votes that ***ignment has. You get +10 doll votes for turning in an ***ignment early.

4) Once you have received your points for completing the ***ignment, you may keep your new outfit or choose to change back to your old outfit.


**Please be aware that you cannot choose your Witch Cl***. That is why we have the short Entrance exam.** 

Witches of Fate use their powers to literally alter the path of Fate. They use herbs and ancient incantations to help direct their power. They can also have visions of a possible future, which helps them determine the best thing to do in a time of crisis. They are known as "typical" witches because their spells and powers do not have any set element.

Witches of Winter use their powers to craft snowflakes, and bring a Winter Wonderland to the world by focusing their spells on cold temperatures and the art of crafting. Winter Witches are well known for their beauty and style.

Witches of the Flame use their powers to bring the heat of Summer to the world by focusing their spells on hot temperatures with a fiery p***ion. Flame Witches are wild and positive and are well known for their enthusiastic personality.

Witches of the Earth use their powers to talk to plants and animals and help bring Spring to the world by focusing on the beauty of nature and the power that it radiates. An Earth Witch is p***ionate, kind and lovable. They are well known for their helpful and healing nature.

Witches of the Sky use their powers to create clouds and make the wind blow by focusing their powers on the air around them. A Sky Witch is elegant and creative, and they are well known for their playful ideas and pranks.



the contest will start after christmas  

this contest is to see who votes for me and you

so if  u vote for me the most or u have the most votes  in a week 

1st i will vote 4 u 7 time a day for a week

2nd i will vote for u 4 times a day for a week

3rd i will vote for u 3 times a day for a week

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