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Do you like the new quest? I've waited so long...
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Friday votes!

I should be able to save enough money in a couple of days to finish one of the endings of this new quest. I think I'll go the no-room route, I like the furniture.

Have you noticed there were two new tabs added to the "Fashion accessory" section? Now the eyes and lips are separate!



After watching "Wonder Woman" for the 2nd time I feel like I love her even more! Haha, who knew it was even possible? This time I knew the plot so I could focus on all those small details, loved them!

My cousin, who is 16yo, also liked the movie a lot even though she knows nothing about comic books. She said she felt surprisingly hopeful and empowered after seeing it. She also may have a bigger crush on Chris Pine now than she has on Harry Styles. I mean, it makes sense, Chris is definitely above average ;)

Even my brother, who was rather sceptic about watching it, said he really enjoyed it. He especially liked the fighting scene where we hear the full Wondie's theme for the first time and he loved how it was a sign that she's finally become the true hero.


Also... Supercavill, Batfleck, Wonder Gal and Eisenluthor. Those are their official names in DC Extended Universe (We can't use the word cinematic 'cause Marvel is using it and we're nothing like Marvel! Nothing!). Yeah, it's all true and official and canon, and you've heard it from me.


For the future: Flash - Flezra. Or maybe Filler? Depending on what his role in the "Justice League" movie is ;)



I can speak Polish, English and German. I've also just started learning Spanish.

I've played Mydivadoll for quite a long time and my name there was notcuteatall. If you know me from that place, feel free to talk to me. I made this account when the MDD was still online.

My DeviantART -

Art blog - 

Personal blog -

Twitter - @FrogTweetsStuff

I'm a chocolate and tea addict. I love drawing, painting and all that stuff related to being artistic. I studied art & design and I'm working now as a freelancer. Well, I'd love to be a children's book illustrator and a game concept artist :)

I'm interested in manga and anime. I especially love some stupid comedy mangas like Ouran High School Host Club or Lovely Complex. I also like watching asian dramas. They are increadibly similar and cliche but I love them anyway. Apart from that I'm a huge fan of video games, especially RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Effect and Dragon Age. I also love fantasy books and superhero comic books, and I'm a Disney nerd.

I've also found out recently that I'm quite a good cook. So, cooking and baking became my new obsession.

made by MALU

The sweetest image ever made by MALU! I love it so much <3




        Triskele unbeatable Double Trouble



french -

german -

spanish -



An amazing little gift from DARKELFQUEEN. Thank you, sweetie!


Two amazingly beautiful edits made by ZOEY900. Thank you, hon!


I'm a monster, I'm a m-monster! ;)


Made by the awesome DARKELFQUEEN.




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Age Type City Country
29 years Woman In Poland Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Karl Urban The Cranberries, P!nk, Melanie Martinez Disney animated movies :) Chocolate and pasta!
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
vivid and pastel colours illustrator and concept artist Wynonna Earp, Agent Carter, Supergirl, Elementary drawing, video games, comics, cooking

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