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Sun night votes from SIERRADANE: Hey everyone!...
22/09/2014 à 05:03:19
+2 ^^
22/09/2014 à 00:56:02
I 'm back. I was home for 30 min and Rei...
21/09/2014 à 22:30:58
Love your look~
21/09/2014 à 11:00:17

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A long rant about my stupid brother. Yes, that again...

I'm still working on my master's thesis (the final touch ups) and my brother is still giving me headaches. He was listening to music very loudly yesterday and didn't want to turn it down even a little. I asked him nicely but all I got was "I don't care about you, I am deaf and I have to listen to loud music" (really, that's an actual quote). And you know, he's not completely deaf and he also has hearing aids that he doesn't wear 'cause it's uncomfortable. Like, dude, just imagine how uncomfortable it is to have a total jerk for a brother!

Anyway, he finally decided to go to sleep past midnight and I could go back to work. But not for long, because it turned out I was typing too loud and he couldn't sleep. Wait a moment, weren't you deaf a moment ago? And then he just hid the router away and thus cut off my Internet connection. You'd think he's some angsty teenager but he's actually 23 and he's simply the worst. 

Uff, rants are good. I feel so much better now.




Hello, everybody! It's been some time since my last post. I've been very busy recently with my daily life and I think that stopping exchanging daily votes completely is for the best. So I won't be doing dailies anymore but I'll be logging in to take care of my girls, visit your  dolls and talk with you, spend some time on the forum and occasionally leave some random votes. 






I can speak Polish, English and German.

I've played Mydivadoll for quite a long time and my name there was notcuteatall. If you know me from that place, feel free to talk to me. I made this account when the MDD was still online.

My DeviantART -

Art blog - 

Personal blog -

Twitter - @FrogTweetsStuff

I'm a chocolate addict. I love drawing, painting and all that stuff related to being artistic. I'm studing art & design and am in my final year right now. I've already obtained my B.A Degree and now I'm preparing for my M.A Degree. Well, I'd love to be a children's book illustrator and a game concept artist :)

I'm interested in manga and anime. I especially love some stupid comedy mangas like Ouran High School Host Club or Lovely Complex. I also like watching asian dramas. They are increadibly similar and cliche, but I love them anyway. 

I've also found out recently that I'm quite a good cook. So, cooking and baking became my new obsession.

made by MALU

The sweetest image ever made by MALU! I love it so much <3







I'm a monster, I'm a m-monster! ;)


Made by the awesome DARKELFQUEEN.



Age Type City Country
26 years Woman In Poland Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams The Cranberries, P!nk, Maria Mena Disney animated movies :) Chocolate and pasta!
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
every single one of them illustrator and concept artist Bones, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Castle, Sleepy Hollow drawing, video games, manga, cooking

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