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Hello ! ;3

I'm Monika and I'm from Poland ;)

My favorite music is hip-hop and rock, but I'm listening to electro, techno, metal, dubstep and other similar genre too ^^ My favorite foreign bands are Limp Bizkit (with Fred Durst, he have red cap! I love it and I'm wondering ... how much money is it worth ? ;x), and other band is... hm... when I was younger I loved Green Day, System of a Down, Kings of Leon, Korn, Eminem, but now I don't think like that ;3 Ohh. I like very much Skrillex, and some Tony Igy songs ^^ And my favorite polish bands are Pokahontaz (You are reading it like Pocahontas. It's Rahim - I don't know how u can read it, and Fokus - read like focus ;) Listen to Fokus voice, omg *.* I love him. He will be my husband, but he don't know it, YET xD) Before they create Pokahontaz, there were Paktofonika, but on Dec. 26, 2000 Magik (it means magician in english) died [*]. It's sad and complicated story ;/ But now there is Pokahontaz and I love them ! ;3 The other polish hip-hop group (ohh I didn't said, Pokahontaz is a hip-hop group) is Trzeci Wymiar (in English it's Third Dimension - 3D xD). I love them <3 another polish raper is O.S.T.R. <3 I love him ! <3 Polish ppl have rly good hip-hop <3

Here's my lastfm <3



My favorite colour is green <3 ohhh. I love it. And I like pink, but not as much as green ;3 


In free time I like watching anime <3 Hmm, my favorites? Deadman wonderland for sure ;3 and others ^^ You can check it here ;) I love basketball ! ;-; My other hobby is drawing ;3 There are some of mine draws:



Hope U like it ;3


U can leave comment if u want ;)


Bye ^^

Age Type City Country
19 years Woman Częstochowa Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Fokus, Fred Durst hip-hop, rock dumplings with white cheese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Green watching anime, drawing

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