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27/11/2015 à 04:38:51
+2 Votes. Happy Thanksgiving! :-)
27/11/2015 à 04:24:57
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27/11/2015 à 04:20:00
Happy Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble <3
27/11/2015 à 03:09:13

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Always accepting new Daily Voters

Just send a PM  



I don't mind helping with the weekly trophy goals, but I feel that a person ought to have around 3,000 LIFETIME votes before trying to get their 1,000 WEEKLY votes. 

in other words:


Weekly trophy/LT





Saturday is Grocery Shopping day... yay....



Always accepting new Daily Voters

Just send a PM

To Daily Voters: past, present and future...

I NEVER turn anyone down when it comes to Daily Voting. I am usually the first to help with the Weekly Trophy Goals or other goals. I keep track of those who have voted for me, I always return votes even when it seems that people have stopped voting for me, whatever their reasons may be.

New Voters: Please don't ask me to be a Daily Voter if you don't intend on returning votes back to me. I am not here to just vote for YOU. It's called "EXCHANGING VOTES" for a reason.  IF you want more votes, then don't expect people to just vote for you and you never vote back to them. And YES, I am NOT THE ONLY one who wants their LIFETIME VOTES to remain EVEN! IF you want people to vote back, DON'T give them +1!  Don't say you gave +2 when you only gave +1 And for pity sake!!! If you have alt dolls, PLEASE put who your MAIN doll is on each of their pages!

I try to leave comments so that in the event my returned votes drop off your "last 100" you will take note in your comments that I've voted back.  When I copy my "last 100" I go through my comments as well to see who voted for me, in case some names have dropped off. 

Lately, I and a few others, have noticed that the amount of Daily Voters have decreased.  A lot are individuals who are busy with school, work or life.  THAT is understandable. The DVers of mine who spend about the same amount of time & energy in DVing have noticed that our votes have decreased, while others keep going up... like there is a load of secret people hiding out that is never able to be seen. That is another story....

That being said, to anyone that has decided to stop being my Daily Voter for other reasons than school, work, etc... but have time to vote for others, I'd appreciate if you would PM me to let me know what I've done wrong.  If you have chosen to NOT vote for me because you think I'm not good enough to exchange votes with... then when the time comes that you need help getting that 1,000 WEEKLY VOTES Trophy... don't ask for my help.  If I am not good enough for you to want to exchange votes with, I'm not good enough to help you.  And if you have chosen to give people all their votes for the week in one day, that in itself does get confusing and makes Daily Voting harder. Right now, there is only room enough and energy enough to do that with one person. I'm sorry.

I love helping people, I love this game and this site. I love giving gifts when I can and I'll answer any question anyone has. I'm not here to chat about boys or other things; I'm an adult and I have limited time to communicate. I will answer any PM that is more than the "Hi" "Hey what's up?" "vote me" "how's it goin?" "gift me" & I'll certainly turn you in and block you if you only want to insult me or ask me for my pa$$word.

As I've said before, I try to be as helpful as possible and try to accomodate everyone and I DO return all votes... it's all a two way street.





If you are a NEW PLAYER and think you want to be a Daily Voter with everyone, EVERYONE will vote back to YOU a lot quicker if you give them +2 instead of only +1.  And to those who are NOT new but insist on giving people +1 with the intent of making someone's LIFETIME VOTES uneven... that's basically hara.s.sment

  If it seems that I've not returned your votes.... AND... you've given me +2 but maybe didn't leave a comment, please... please... leave a comment. Sometimes I don't have the chance to copy my "last 100"  & there are times when your name might drop off the list.  In times like those, I always go through the comments to see who might have dropped off so I can be sure to vote back to you.

Daily Voting is something I love to do with this game, other than the Quests, the people and decorating the lofts of all my dolls... =)





If you are one of my Daily Voters, and I do not have you added in my friends area... please send me a PM so that I can add you.

To players who send me PM's asking for my pas.sword:

Don't waste my time sending me a PM asking  for my pas.sword.........Why? 

  • It's against the rules
  • I'd NEVER give you my PAS.SWORD
  • This is MY doll, I've spent a lot of time, etc on it; do the same with yours
  • Don't send me YOUR PAS.SWORD.  I won't write it down & since I will block you for asking for mine, I won't remember it.
  • I WILL report you

 My alt dolls are:  


The dolls above are the only dolls that belong to me. My daughter is AAATINKERBEL and she has dolls of her own which should be listed on her page. If you see any other dolls beside mine (or hers) with similarity in the names... they are not mine (or hers)  My daughter doesn't play right now but her dolls are still there.

Note: of all the alt dolls I have, there are only 9 that I vote back with full time. The others are for maybe "evening" votes out or special occasions, or just because I liked that name. =)

  For the record... all of my dolls are listed in my WIA. They all have different "first" names, but have DANE at the end.  So... any doll with the name "sierradane" in any , is NOT me. That includes sierradanerr and sierradone: NOT me!


The below pictures are click-able links going to one of my alt dolls where I've placed pictures, cards, etc from my friends



Pictures of my doll and Birthday cards from Friends:

Everquest pictures:


Sierradane around the world:


Age Type City Country
35 years Woman Aux Arcs US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki Celtic Star Wars,LOTR, The Green Mile Chinese, Italian, Mac & cheese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
red, sage green Lottery Winner Supernatural, America's Got Talent Crocheting, genealogy

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