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One of these days.... one of these days... I need to have a new kitchen!


Thank you all for the Birthday gifts! 

from Romi2000:

from Joyceeileen:

from my nephew, Theodore:

from iloveangel:    

from Witch2004:

From Hope4Ever2:



It's October! October.... hmmm.... another birthday coming up, which is better than the alternative =)

I don't mind helping with the weekly trophy goals, but I feel that a person ought to have around 3,000 LIFETIME votes before trying to get their 1,000 WEEKLY votes. 

in other words:

Weekly trophy/LT






If you are a NEW PLAYER and think you want to be a Daily Voter with everyone, EVERYONE will vote back to YOU a lot quicker if you give them +2 instead of only +1.  And to those who are NOT new but insist on giving people +1 with the intent of making someone's LIFETIME VOTES uneven... that's basically hara.s.sment

Somebody has a bee in their bonnet, and I wish I knew the reason why


Daily Voting is something I love to do with this game, other than the Quests, the people and decorating the lofts of all my dolls... =)



 Note to Daily Voters: 

I've went through my list, that I now keep privately (tired of being copied), and removed all the names that had little notes such as "MIA" "NoDV" "Busy" "???"  If you have not received any Daily Votes from me in a day or two or more, please send me a PM to let me know that you are still Daily Voting.  The BIGGEST reason why you might not be receiving any Daily Votes from ME... is that I have not received any from YOU.   I check my votes several times during the day to keep the list of who have voted for me, and if I miss someone on "The Last 100" I go through my comments to add from there. I return EVERY vote given me, as well as VOTING for those in my list that seem to NEVER return any to me.  

For the record... all of my dolls are listed in my WIA. They all have different "first" names, but have DANE at the end.  So... any doll with the name "sierradane" in any , is NOT me. That includes sierradanerr and sierradone: NOT me!

 If you are one of  my newer DVers and it seems that I've not returned your votes.... AND... you've given me +2 but maybe didn't leave a comment, please... please... leave a comment. Sometimes I don't have the chance to copy my "last 100"  & there are times when your name might drop off the list.  In times like those, I always go through the comments to see who might have dropped off so I can be sure to vote back to you.


Sometimes when I am behind:  I will do "silent votes" 

If you are one of my Daily Voters, and I do not have you added in my friends area... please send me a PM so that I can add you.

To players who send me PM's asking for my pas.sword:

Don't waste my time sending me a PM asking  for my pas.sword.........Why? 

  • It's against the rules
  • I'd NEVER give you my PAS.SWORD
  • This is MY doll, I've spent a lot of time, etc on it; do the same with yours
  • Don't send me YOUR PAS.SWORD.  I won't write it down & since I will block you for asking for mine, I won't remember it.
  • I WILL report you



July 19 2015

my daughter forgot to take a picture for Alyssa's "3 Months" picture...

haven't seen that baby since April 22

What happens when you are happy in your swing, swinging away... and someone... all of a sudden...

stops.... your..... swing???

(her mommy stopped her swing momentarily, took the picture when she started crying then let it swing again) {#doll_oeil}


Easter 2015:

For those that might be confused... the below picture is of MY mother and MY granddaughter.... not ME! I'm not the baby's great-grandmother... I'm her grandmother. The baby, Alyssa Marie, is my daughter's baby.


11 Days old:


1 week old picture

Alyssa Marie:


March 11 2015, 12:24 am

Alyssa Marie came into this world squalling her head off

She weighed 8 pounds & 2 ounces & is 20 inches long


But she looks so TINY!!!

My daughter, her BF & their baby Alyssa Marie

From Christina38:

from Witch2004:

from Joyceeileen:

from c00kiesez:

from Jenzg11:

From Bianca96:

from Christina38:

Alyssa Marie

Due around March 13 2015

My grandchild's first picture:

Second photo:

From C00kiesez:

From Jenzg11:

From Joyceeileen:

from me:

Chickens, Chickens Chickens!

Nail design by Hope4ever2 in honor of my baby chicks:


From Jenzg11:

From Darkelfqueen:

From Witch2004:

From C00kiesez:

From Rheasilvia:

From Vanillacupcake:

from Witch2004:

"You're never too big for your mother to hug you!"

Stormy hugging Frosty

Thank you Joyceeileen for the baby girl chick:


Thank you Jenzg11!!

: Cunegonde:

Rainy thinking about girls:

Thank you C00kiesez for the hen & chicks!

Pictures from friends:

from me =)

From Bianca96:


 From Christina38:


Cards & Poem by Joyceeileen:







Thank you Danutzik65 for the pretty Birthday cards:

From Andybel & Theodore:

From Temari-Xichi: 

Thank you Galadriel for this pretty picture:

Thank you Lilysummers!

Thank you Jenzg11 for the pretty pictures:

Thank you Sani, you're a good friend:


from Angelfire:

Thank you ClaudiaFaith for the cute picture:


Thank you Perle-de-Nuit for the lovely portrait:

Thank you Fairykisses for the beautiful portrait!

Thank you Rosered86 for the pretty pictures:

Thank you Arlekinlain for the pretty photos:

Thank you Malu for the birthday cards & pictures:


Thank you Bloodyemos:

Thank you Torifan562:

Thank you Hitsune:


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

~Mignon McLaughlin

My alt dolls are:
The dolls above are the only dolls that belong to me. My daughter is AAATINKERBEL and she has dolls of her own which should be listed on her page. If you see any other dolls beside mine (or hers) with similarity in the names... they are not mine (or hers)
My daughter doesn't play right now but her dolls are still there.


Note: of all the alt dolls I have, there are only 9 that I vote back with full time. The others are for maybe "evening" votes out or special occasions, or just because I liked that name. =)

I decided to send my doll around the world:
Sierradane in France Sierradane in Germany Italian Sierradane Chinese Sierradane
Brazilian Sierradane Russian Sierradane Spanish Sierradane Turkiish Sierradane

My Everquest Days:



Various sig designs:


Gifts from friends, the most recent at the top:

Thank you Purpleiris for the pumpkin clock!
Thank you Romi2000 for the bunny(I know it has a different name)!
Thank you Anyamalfoy, Jenzg11Arlekinlain for the spooky candles!
Thank you Shidoku for the curious black cat!
Thank you YohkoRosered86Arlekinlain & Yuuki07 for the 'slithery' wigs!
Thank you Ramonna, Tahlenwing & Yuuki07 for the pumpkins!
Thanks to Ulvejenta, Naa, Andybel, Rheasilvia & Iponyx3123 for the birthday cakes!!
Thanks to Fairykisses, Joyce, Tuvab, Tokiarika & Tahlenwing for the Birthday flowers!
Thank you Romi2000 & Ramonna for the birthday balloons!
Thank you Ladymorwen for the white bunny!
Thank you Purpleiris for the Birthday candy!
Thank you Joyceeileen & Aluralegend for the birthday bunnies!
Thank you Silverbast for the Birthday nesting dolls!
Thank you Joyceeileen for the birthday mirror!
Thank you Aluralegend for the Birthday Doll & bee !
Thank you Romi2000 for the Birthday puppy!
Thank you Sweettears90 for the Birthday shirt!
Thank you Babybanni for the Birthday purse!
Thank you Hop4ever2 for the box of 'candy' & pretty Birthday card!
Thank you Veratte for the Birthday Cake!
Thank you Jenzg11 for the Back to School gifts!
Thank you Diamuen for the flowers!
Thank you Witch2004 for the "sunny" gift!
Thank you Sidney98 for the cute little doll, I love it!
Thank you Andybel  & Moni314 for the pretty flowers!
Thank you Mllemeg & Faechild86 for the desk lamp!
Thank you Jenzg11 for the seashell!
Thank you Animegirl654 for the diploma & 'sunflower'
Thanks to Faechild86 for lifting my spirits with a pretty seashel.l
Thank you XheaniaHistorygeekBabybanni for the summer drink gifts!
Thank you Faechild86 for the cute blue bunny!
Thanks to x3x1 for the chocolates and pretty plant!
Thank you Romi2000 for the "Best Friend" diploma
Thank you C0okiesez for the pretty green collar!
Thank you Kikizmaj for the green teapot!
Thank you Yoka, Co0kiesez, & Ramonna for the "mom" planters
Thank you Shamrock96 for the "mom" picture
Thank you Tuvab, Aluralegend, Shamrock96 for the "mom" pillows
Thank you Jayellaai for the manaquin head!
Thank you Faechild86 for the cute little doll!
Thank you Akikodna for the sunflowers!
Thank you Blacksatomi for the Irish bunny!
Thank you Lilysummers for the rainbow!
Thank you Duplica16 for the Irish harp & snowglobe!
Thank you Shamrock96 for the Irish puppy!
Thank you Nicole194 for the Irish bunny!
Thank you AluralegendTahlenwing for the Irish "chicky" hats of shamrocks!
Thank you YokaFaechild86  for the hat o' shamrocks!
Thank you Purpleiris & ShanicaLove for the Irish snow globes!
Thank you Rosered86 for the Irish Rainbow!
Thank you Belloftheball, Romi2000 for the white Shamrock bunny!
Thank you Witch2004 for the lucky Shamrock!
Thank you Kikizmaj for the St. Patty's scarf & Leprachaun!
Thank you Jenzg11 for the 'mother' certificate & balloons!
Thank you Tuvab for the heart balloons!
Thank you Rosered86 for the "Best Dollz" diploma!
Thank you Elonnany for the heart mirror!
Thank you Aluralegend for the 'puppy present!!' & the plant/flowers
Thank you Duplica16,  c00kiesezBelleoftheball, Purpleiris, FairykissesRubyheartz08 & Yoka for the pretty, pretty flowers!
Thank you Jenzg11 for the Anniversary balloons!
Thank you c00kiesez  for the Best Friend Diploma & flowers!!
Thank you Aylet for the pretty fern!
Thank you NaturewitchIsis123 for the lovely flowers!
Thank you Lady0filia for the golden box of goodies!
Thank you Duplica16 for the Christmas yule log!
Thank you Kiya1990 for the Christmas holly!
Thank you Ladykikyo for the kitty stocking!
Thank you Birdlyre for the giant candy cane!
Thank you Aluralegend for the golden Christmas box!
Thank you Blueblood for the yummy Christmas cheese ball!
Thank you Animegirl654 for the little snowman!
Thank you Chrystaleen for the snowglobe!
Thank you Witch2004Ramonna for the cute little penguins!
Thank you Jenzg11 for the blue dolly & spunky elf!
Thank you Kiesielek, Faechild86, Csgardener, Sylvainrain, Melody1231, Danutzik65, Vinya & Yuuki07 for the Christmas 'Jack-N-the-boxes!
Thank you Ca.$$idael for the blue snow globe & mistletoe!
Thank you Anumbis196 for the Christmas bell and doll!
Thank you Emiiexoxo, Moneky-May & Yoka for the Christmas dolls!
Thank you Khandroma & Naa for the little Christmas tree!
Thank you Babybanni, Eliisa, Sylvanrain, Melody1231, Soleda, Angelfire & ShanicaLove for the Christmas bells!
Thank you Sweettears90 for the fern!
Thank you Sani for the "Best Friend" Diploma!
Thank you Giraffez for the fern!
Thank you Chrystaleen for the flowers!
Thank you Dyingneko for the pumpkin!
Thank you Snortmort for the "Guessing Baby" blue flowers!
Thanks to Kiya1990 for the Halloween girl!
Thank you Torchwood, Ramonna, Tahlenwing, Saioko & Joyceeileen for the clocks!
Thank you BabybanniJuri, & Arlekinlain for the candied apples!
Thank you Batsap, Faechild86, Ramonna for the Birthday flowers!
Thank you Kiya1990, Ulvejenta, Sani, Fabuloussprouse for the birthday cakes!
Thank you Melody1231 RyllmeLesta for the birthday balloons!
Thank you Babybanni for the Birthday doll!
Thank you Andybel, Yoka & Danutzik65 for the Birthday puppies!
Thank you Witch2004, Csgardener, Fabuloussprouse  for the birthday "presents"
Thank you Silverbast for the Birthday heart mirror!
Thanks to Joyceeileen for the Birthday hair!
Thank you Bianca96 & Ayase-chan for the Birthday Cakes!
Thank you ElonnaNY for the Birthday cake & balloons!
Thank you Joyceeileen for the pink present!
Thank you Akane92 & Joyceeileen for the BIRTHDAY flowers!
Thank you Purishiru for the BIRTHDAY cake!
Thank you Duplica16 for the BIRTHDAY balloons!
Thank you Torchwood for the sunflowers!
Thank you Arlekinlain for the back to school purse!
Thank you Ramonna for the back to school bag!
Thank you Babybanni, Sani, Vinya & Witch2004 for the pencil bags!
Thank you Danutzik65 & Mllemeg for the kitty books!
Thank you Rosered86 and Rheasilvia for the 'back to school' gift/pencils!
Thank you KiesielekFaechild86, Zarinen, Tahlenwing and  Batsap for the "back to school" gift/purses!
Thank you Anyamalfoy for the "gift" box!
Thank you SarochkaShine for the cute dollie!
Thank you Babybanni & Faechild86 for the pretty flowers!
Thank you Tokiarika for the chickens!!!
Thanks to Torchwood and Maytiling for the flowers!
Thank you Rosered86 for the puppy gift box!
Thank you Duplica16 for the 'baby' balloons!
Thank you Annjapan for the cute little doll!
Thank you Goldenlightt for the pretty heart mirror!
Thank you Babybanni for the pretty cake!
Thank you Duplica16 for the colorful wig!
Thank you Witch2004 for the lovely plant!
Thank you Jadaviafairy14 for the puppy!
Thank you Sani  & Danutzik65 for the balloons!
Thank you Aylet &  Joyceeileen for the flowers!
Thanks to Faechild86 for the flowers & colorful wig!
Thank you Gifty12 for the Mom Cups!
Thank you Ladykikyo for the cute stuffed animal!
Thank you C00kiesez for the yummy cake!
Thank you Darkelfqueen for the lovely greeting card!
Thank you Fairykisses for the chocolates!
Thank you Nicole194 & Faechild86 for the cups & flowers!
Thank you Torchwood for that incredibly cute teddy bear and cake!!!
Thank you Duplica16 for the lovely house plant!
Thank you Witch2004 for the heart mirror!
Thank you Faechild86 for the sunflowers!
Thank you Fabuloussprouse for the cute little doll!
Thank you Hope4ever2 for the gold "head" for my boutique!
Thank you Vanillacupcake for the Irish harp!
Thank you Sorasmile for the "best Doll" diploma & balloons!
Thanks to Belleoftheball for the chef doll!
Thank you Sani for the "Best Friend" diploma!
Thank you Torchwood for the pink Leprechaun!
Thank you Nicole194 for the pot of gold!
Thank you Anao for the Irish Light!
Thank you Kiya1990 for the 'hat o' luck!'
Thank you Snortmort for the silver lucky horse shoe!
Thank you BlacksatomiJoyceeileen & C00kiesez for the lucky bunnies!
Thank you Faechild86 for the Lucky little fella!
Thank you Icequeen88 for the rainbow!
Thank you Zarinen for the 'lucky hat' !
Thank you Yuuki07 & Danutzik65 for the hats of shamrocks!
Thank you Tahlenwing for the Irish hat & puppy!
Thank you Fabuloussprouse for the Lucky Horseshoe!
Thank you Ramonna for the harp!
Thank you Silverbast for the Irish scarf!

Age Type City Country
35 years Woman Aux Arcs US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki Celtic Star Wars,LOTR, The Green Mile Chinese, Italian, Mac & cheese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
red, sage green Lottery Winner Supernatural, America's Got Talent Crocheting, genealogy

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