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sierraxlegit has 0 goodness points.


Okaay, Let's Start With This The Name Is Sierra, Obviously Bruuhh(: I'm Pretty Legit ..Don't Believe Me ? ; Find Out For Yourself .<3 (; Pictures Are Look Alikes Kaay ?(:

Status ; Hit Me Up .? :D

Talkinq To ; Samual .(;

Listeninq To ;


Okay I'm Gonna Make this In Purple ;) Just because Purple is S.exxy Ya know?!! xD Much Like Sierra >;) I mean.. WHAAA??? Anyways, I just met this Girl Today and I Seriously Lovee Her! She is AMazing, She has a cute smile an adorable laugh and she has made me smile.. ALOTTTT<3 She is just so sweet and kind :} I Love having her as a Friend and I am greatful She Messaged me! I already Trust her with my life Ya know? ;) Well She she absolutly Stunning! Isn't She? Pfttt ;) Of Course She Is!! Love You Sierra :P ~~Samual Albert ;)

OHMYGODD,Am I Your First Hackk?;) OHMYYY,*Does A Dance*I feel so special now.>;3 *coughh*Anyways,This Chick,I juss Met Her,And she's Like.>Awesome***t Bruhh.>:) No Joke,.And Amazingly Gorgeous Too.;3 I Mean,Have Ya Seen her Facee ^^ ? PureGorgeousNess Right there bruhhFacee.;)Well,She's Justt Totally Amazing,Ann' Awesome,Ann' SwagTasticc,Ann' Drakee Is Jealous Of Her Swaqq,;) BUUT,*Dramatic Pause*,No One Has MORE Swaqq Than Mee Bro,>;D NOPE.No One,Not You,You,NOT EVEN YOUU.(x well,I know this thaang sucks balls,So B.Y.E.<3 Y.M.C.M.B.<3.~SeaMus.(:<


Lets start by saying im not good at these . But we just met and i already think your ah-mazing . GORGEOUS . And Sierra dont forget that . Ever ! Well this will be better if i knew you longer so ill do another one later . Love Sophie . x


Sierra, Hackin ur page xD Anyways I Bet you probably know it's Trever ;) I'm Just That awesome! Any***s, You Are Like... Legit Amazing and SUPER Beautiful I Mean Seriously Girl ;D You Could Be a Model haha Not Sure what else to type in here so I Guess that s All Peace<3;) ~~Trever


_I'm extremely lazy,so this is gonna really suck. Alright.This is Johnny,bro.[; I love how you think you're much better looking than I am ; Bro,you're a girl,and I'm a guy.unless you think youre a guy? Idfk.;D but you're still legit.and I legit love you.friend like um.Yeah, imma go now.Bye.[; - Johnny. ~Johnnyxx.~


Age Type City Country
27 years Woman Legit Land (: UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
You Lil Wayne Twilight ?
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink ;D Jersey Shore Textinn'

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