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spiderwick9 has 0 goodness points.


Song of the day:
  The Hairbrush Song - The Newsboys (A great suggestion I just heard for the first time recently, thanks to Sierradane!)

  Friday, 21st: I am officially well rested after a trip to the other side of the mountains. We went over there so my dad could watch a bike tour going on, so it was pretty cool, and it was great watching him fanboy over the bikers and the teams.
  Ducky's page remains unchangeable. 

  Hi! I'm Spiderwick9, a student from up north in America. I'm a junior in highschool, since graduation just happened, and I'll be working hard to get college ready, and become a better person.
  I've been dancing since I was eight years old, and recently won in a regional performance, and will be advancing to the national scale this August, but I doubt I'll do that well next time. Aside from dancing, I dabble in songwriting and singing, and just in general music related things, but I'm also very interested in psychology. Oh, and I love food.
  I'm the middle child product from a family of five, complete with my parents and two siblings, who are homeschooled, natropathic, God-fearing individuals, and I follow in those footsteps.
  I'm a daily voter, open to accepting new dailies at any time! You can either message me, and I'll add you to my list, or just keep voting, since I vote back my last 100. I either vote with this account, or my voting alt: Kiwijams9. I don't usually return +1, unless it's to even out my votes (which I prefer to stay even, thank you).
  My rooms are never done, since I'm difficult to please, lol. A lot of my rooms are empty, just because I'm an indecisive mess, but I'm always working on it, so hopefully one day everything will be more or less organized.


Made by Bebepat, Thank you!!!

Thank you, Angelfire, for this adorable chibi!

Made by Fairykisses, Thank you so much!

made by Darkelfqueen!


Made by Bloodyemos for winning 1st place in her "Is it a bird? A plane? No! It's a FAIRY!" contest. Thank you!!!!

Made by Bloodyemos for the same contest. Thank you!


And this lovely chibi was made by 3noody-chan! Thank you!


Made by Shadowchild3! 


Also made by SHADOWCHILD3!



Made by Shadowchild3 




Age Type City Country
100 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Female rappers, heck yeah. BANG!TAN!SON!YEON!DAN! Collateral Beauty Green apples, yaaasss.
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
idk, man, I wish I knew. Fresh Prince. Dance.

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