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Sugar cook ies are made and they look great and...
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Missed a day of Divaing, but it was worth it. Got to see "Fluffy" at the fair!!! 15000+ people!!!{#hypn} Best show ever! {#fete}



Sorry no pictures right now. Photobucket is no longer offering free image hosting with linkable images. Can anyone suggest a new free image hosting sight?


Made a Plum Cake!!




It was SO good I had to make 3 more!!!{#love}



6/3 - Finally Finished!!!








6/1 - Almost finished with the Wedding cake and cupcakes. Next time I agree to do this I need to make sure I have time off from both jobs to do it. {#hypn}


5/23 - Made four graduation cakes this weekend. Now if only my sinuses will leave me alone long enough so I can get 120 cupcakes and a wedding cake done.



Birthday cake for a friend


into Heavy Metal!!





Finished my cake!!









 My Gingerbread House won 1st Place!!


















Hard Candy Butterflies!!!!




Practiced some new decorating techniques!!!









Love being out in nature!!!






Busy week making cakes for my sister's wedding.

The groom's cake was a huge hit. He wanted a wild boar cake!


My sister loved her blinged out cake with chocolate flowers!



Age Type City Country
35 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
country, rock pheasant, corned beef and cabbage
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
lavender the sentinel, SeaQuest

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