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hey Vanessa how r u?? +2 votes
30/03/2013 à 05:13:00
There's my rose
20/12/2012 à 21:24:54

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I'm out partying with my cousins again. For those of you who haven't seen my other profile whiteroseprincess, I am currently spending time with my cousins, C***andra and Isabel. They are planning a birthday party for their big, half brother and I offered to help. Though I hate their brother, I love spending time with them. But they are younger than me and partied harder than me. These girls are wild! It tires me out just watching them and I know I will have a m***age headache tonight just like last night from either trying to keep up with them or trying to keep this outing drama free.

Is wiaitng for my by to come home from Iraq. I usually don't mind being a military brat but it's hard when someone you love goes away. I'm actually considering moving back home till he comes back. I miss everyone. 


Hello all, my name is Vanessa Catalina Isabel Libra. I have such a long name because my parents couldn't decide what to name me so they used all of them. I love white roses, dancing, hanging out with my friends and sisters, horse riding, running, old movies, traveling, kick boxing, gymnastics, taking walks outside, and spending time with my bf. 

Age Type City Country
27 years Woman Dublin Ireland UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
johnny depp, Mark Harmon (Gibbs), Abby Scuito(Pauley Perrette), Michael Weatherly, Tim McGee, Ziva David Latin,Hip Hop-anything i can dance too :D Medium Rare steak and potatoes
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Green,red,pink NCIS,Dancing with the Stars, anime Dancing,walking outside,gardening,getting my older sisters nerve, and spending time with my sisters

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