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Video Game Developer


follow me on instagram : bandscreateus
This lovely girl is named Thashira. She's 16 years old. She's taken by this certain someone you can't have 11.8.13 , so back off. She's addicted to music and can't live without it. Her favorite band would be Asking Alexandria. If you like them as much as she does, then congratulations. You've found yourself a new bestfriend. She loves spending time with her younger brother. She's forever a dreamer and is all about inspiration. She's an amazing girl, trust me. You should message her like, right now. You won't regret it. -
Status: sljkfhksjfhksjf. c:
 photo 6fb5df28-6b35-45ce-a19a-01c000106ecb_zps3d4f9900.jpg
Hey girlieee. c: It's meee Awexis hacking chaaa. <33 haha I think you;re really amazing. You're cool to talk to. I am glad we started talking. Lol. Don't you ever forget that you are beautiful. I think you are really beautiful. You are sweet and kind. You have a nice personality. I like you. I am glad we are friends. c: I love you. <33 TAAACCOOOOS I want taaaacos. Hey do you have any cheese? Cause I could use some melted cheeese. o.o I want ice cream. i always want ice cream. After you read this  can you like go and find me the "key" yes the key to another world where I can be freee to eat chocolate rap of yo gaba gaba. Like chuu make me in a world where lima beans are actually yummy. o__o Like can I get some butter now cause chuuu so cool. :D Anyways well i love yah. <3-crazydancerchick
Oliver Skyes <3

Age Type City Country
18 years Woman CandyLand XD UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Black veil brides, a skylit drive, bless the fall, boys like girls, bullet for my valentine, cute is what i aim for, fit rivals, Likin park, paramore, Any Kind I guess Saved/ hunger games/ Scary Movie 4/Mirrors & More. Candy actually
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
black, red, green, blue, purple c: I Dnt Fuckin Know? Pretty LittleLairs, baby daddy, Walking Dead I LUV FOOTBALL :D, and Luv being in PJ's

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