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I apoligise for that my votes comes on different times of the day


January 26th 2015:


I am furious beond reasoning. Is it so hard to not let my horse be alone in the paddoc? If I wanted him to be all by himself, I could have parked him at the place where the boyfriend to my sister lives. Seeing it is a farm and once were horses there so there is big enough fenced in areas for Hunter. Yesterday I went around, angry as heck, if it was a tom and jerry cartoon, smoke would come out from my ears and the top of my head would be lifted up from the smoke. The guy who runs the stable came over to me and said Hunter had ONLY been alone for 5 minutes. THAT IS 5 MINUTES TOO LONG! I am not getting any more vicer of all of this at the stable, beside from my horse I will only care for 4 more horses at the stable of all the ones that are boarded there due to no one bothers to think of that Hunter is alone. Is it because he is an old trot horse? An off the track horse? Either way, people should stop treating my horse any different seeing he is not the demon most of the people at the stable makes it look like he is


December sometime 2014:

Finally done with all of the christmas presents I have to buy, few days till christmas and finally done. All I need now to get ready for is Christmas Eve and Yule. Since I am Norse I like to celebrate Yule aswell on it's day which is te 22nd of December this year around. Nothing fancy like opening gifts or anything on that day beside from all I want is to eat some raindeer (No comments about me eating Rudolf please xD). You are supposed to offer some of the food to Thor on Yule but offering some good raindeer meat is, well, hard for me so all I do is saying someting along the lines, "this is for you, Thor" to myself since I am on the only one in the family who is that. It gets awkward at times


Welcome to my page^^


I am 22 years old and born on February 14th, also known as Valentines day.

I am from Norway, I enjoy reading books, specially if it has horses in them, I draw a lot, enjoy watching tv shows and much more.

My favorite color is blue, any shades of it. Tough it's hard to see with how I decorated each room here.

My alt dolls:

Age Type City Country
23 years Woman Norway Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Johnny Deep Rock Thor Anything Japanese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Something with art MacGyver Drawing

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