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Friday votes from SIERRADANE: My birds are...
27/03/2015 à 17:26:33
Voted +2
26/03/2015 à 21:49:59
Positive thoughts and a s s u r a n c e that...
26/03/2015 à 21:30:12
Wed votes from SIERRADANE: my mom is home...
25/03/2015 à 19:07:55

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I am off on vaccation, will vote again on Monday 5th of April


I apoligise for that my votes comes on different times of the day


March 25th 2015:

Sorry for that I have been forgetting to vote now and then. I am leaving for a much needed vacation soon (on Saturday I am leaving for vacation). And due to that I tend to forget this and that of the online world. I am a horrible person when it comes to remembering what to pack, even if I have a list. Also today I will be going to the hair salon to get my hair trimmed (which is much needed). When I pull everything to the front, my hair goes below my ribcage, where the last ribbone is. And I will loose a good chunk of the hair due to I have forgotten to take care of it, but I will get bangs again >w<


February 14th 2015:

Happy birthday to me, I am turning 23 years old today but will just have a small birthday party with my family since I have given up on trying to make it bigger. As long I have my closest family around I honestly don't care on how it will go. Hope you all have a nice valentines day either you spend it with your loved ones or by yourself


Welcome to my page^^


I am 23 years old and born on February 14th, also known as Valentines day.

I am from Norway, I enjoy reading books, specially if it has horses in them, I draw a lot, enjoy watching tv shows and much more.

My favorite color is blue, any shades of it. Tough it's hard to see with how I decorated each room here.

My alt dolls:

Age Type City Country
23 years Woman Norway Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Johnny Deep Rock Thor Anything Japanese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Something with art MacGyver Drawing

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