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ulvejenta has 7 goodness points.




I apoligise for that my votes comes on different times of the day.


I am debating weather or not I should change the black forest room into the new theme or not. Never liked how I decorated the room but still torn


September 22th 2014:

 Tomorrow will be a hard day for me due to one of my cats will be put down. She is 9 years old and is just regular domestic cat, no fancy breeds, the reason she is being put down is because she is urinating everywhere. Like in my mom's shoes, the couch, carpet and so on. She is nice and kind and everything but now is enough. I honestly don't want to see her go at all but now is nothing I can do. I managed to keep her alive till now by talking my parents out f it. But she is old, she has poor teeth. So that she lived this long is amazing. She came into the house as a cat my older sister smugled in years ago, she was quite shy and hid everywhere, but over the years she has gotten more social and now I can just sit down and she claims my lap. It will be hard to loose her but she barely has any teeth left



Welcome to my page^^


I am 22 years old and born on February 14th, also known as Valentines day.

I am from Norway, I enjoy reading books, specially if it has horses in them, I draw a lot, enjoy watching tv shows and much more.

My favorite color is blue, any shades of it. Tough it's hard to see with how I decorated each room here.

My alt dolls:

Age Type City Country
22 years Woman Norway Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Johnny Deep Rock Thor Anything Japanese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Something with art MacGyver Drawing

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