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                  8/17 I know i havent written anything lately , been very depressed.  have pushed cried and hurt from all of the PT. But for 2 days my knees locked up and stayed straight.  have a appt with doc tuesday. I have a feeling he will manipulate it. The pain has been worse then before the surgery . I dont feel comfortable driving , feel my knee will lock and cause a accident. So its like my life is on hold. IT SUCKS !!!!!!!! The only thing i can do is wander the house. Trying to carry a 20lb dog down stairs is so hard and scary. I got a bicycle yeserday . going to try riding it and see if it help . 3 , 20 minute rides. At least all this fairy stuff keeps my mind busy.    LOL  Well have a nice thursday chicas..                 Image result for animated kissing lips    


 8/12 Been busy with PT and exercising. Trying to get my knee moving. I need to do this at night. But I get to exhausted from pt and exercising. I'll try harder. Have a great day.

 8/9 Thanks for clubbing! I had to go to the doc he was not happy . I have 3 weeks to get my knee bending or he will put me to sleep and manipulate it his self..  So they upped my PT to 3x a week. So between that and the home exercising and my dad is bringng over his bike toride in the house . Hope fully I can be back to normal again. So I kind of got lost last night. TY for understanding. Visiting now..


/8/8 Its my Birthday .. Im gonna party on my Birthday . NOT , I have a Dr appt ..LOL I am 51 and my knee hurts , so I think after my doctors appt . I'll take a pain pill and veg with delivery from my fav chinese resteraunt. "" MUAW"" PS Come club with me..... Dress in your club clothes.. Have fun !

From : joyceeileen



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TY Coo kies ez

  Thank you Sierradane

8/6  The PT for knee replacement is pure PAIN. I have decided not to do  the other knee. LOL

8 /3 = I wish i could get this knee back to normal faster. There is a small spot that hurts so bad , and my doc is on vaca. I see him tuesday which is also my 51 Birthday.. I am going to PT but I think that the rehab was more aggressive. So I do thiers at home plus my new homework. Oh well have a great weekend, PS On a cane now. No more walker.


Cook Ies Ez

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   7/31 Came home yesterday . Was in hospital for 3.5 days and in a care center to help with physical therapy for 13.5 days. Home but still on pain meds and now I start physical therapy at a out patient facility. Its been hard work and painful. I checked in today with all dollz, didnt vote all , but cant concentrate with pain meds in system. Will try daily, Muaw . TY for your patience. 














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Hi , I am witch2004 . I am a grandmother of 6 , my real name is Jeannie.
 I am full up with voters right now. 
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                                                                                                                                                               Image result for may calendar cute 2016   
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Age Type City Country
51 years Woman wonderland UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) METAL THE 5TH ELEMENT diet Pepsi
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
?? cant decide... anything with animals Supernatural READING

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