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Sugar cook ies are made and they look great and...
23/10/2017 à 03:55:17
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+2 from Hope4ever2
23/10/2017 à 02:25:14
8 more day's for the party and vote +2 from...
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            10/21 Meet Mrs Frankie....

10/18 Votes given , I had a test at work and got a promoton. Yeah RAISE mor $$$$  Have a great week friends !  This room is witches party home..LOL
10/16 My granddaughter Asia is here for tonight and I have a meeting and work tomorrow , So may not be votes.. XXX 
10/13 Friday the thirteenth . Luck or No Luck  I am going with LUCKY.  Have a nice weekend..

10/12 my hours are up to 12 hours so less time here sry. But I will try to do main dolls.. Have a wonderful thursday , after work off to get my hair trimed . Hasnt been done since before the surgery . Needs it bad.  XX
10/10 Happy Birthday SierradaneImage result for cute happy birthday woman
10/8== I traveled today !!!! Finally !!! This bites, all these happy day sales are gone by the time i get off work. I work on weekends so i never get these. Hopefully they sale them later ..{#pleur}

10/7 Happy Birthday Hope4ever2
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10/6   Good morning , just thanking everyone for the votes . My voting has not been every day . I have been back to work and have been in some flares in my shoulder. Thanks for understanding..
10/2  My prayers go out to all in Vegas and all the families who have lost a loved one. Prayers for law enforcement as they go forward. Its just enough !                                 
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Age Type City Country
51 years Woman wonderland UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) METAL THE 5TH ELEMENT diet Pepsi
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
?? cant decide... anything with animals Supernatural READING

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