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Wednesday votes from Julieanne1976
19/01/2017 à 05:21:41
Paraskavedekatriaphobia is a fear of Friday the...
19/01/2017 à 00:06:37
18/01/2017 à 19:12:01
Oh, it's Wednesday! This means new episode of...
18/01/2017 à 14:21:12

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UPDATE (12.25.16) 

Merry Christmas Divas! ^.^

 It's been a long time since I actually sent out votes. XD 

Thank you to Tuvab, Xlollipopbunnyx, Fairykisses, 
Zarinen and Babybanni for the 
merriful gifts! <3

I'd also like to thank those Divas who have voted for me till this day, even though I haven't
been returning them. :) I shall repay your gratitude and patience soon!

 I know I said that I'll be having my Chriistmas Break but it doesn't entirely feel that way to 
me. :( I'm stuck with lots of school work (which I've slacking off on). We were only given
two weeks off for our holidays instead of three so, professors decided to bombard us with
a.ssignments, projects and other activities. So far, my progress is 0% but I prmosie I'll start
right after I'm done collecting my money for my dollz. XD

Aside from the bad news, I've started watching Doctors since Friday. I'm not done yet but
I love it so far! <3  


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