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UPDATE (2.12.17) 

  Oh my gosh, it's been a long time I haven't voted yet ;-; Thank you so much 
to those divas who kept on voting for me until today! <3 

No other excuses other than the fact that school has eaten up my time. :/ It seems
that this semester has been really hard than the ones before. My grades are just uggghhh.
Plus, my org set up an event yesterday and it was a fail coz we no one visited our
event that much. So we had a big loss on sales. ._.

On the brighside, I did have fun with my friends. XD I also cut my hair and it's
super duper short than how I usually cut it. O-O It was unexpected but it
turned out well. Also, my mom doesn't want me to cut my hair without her
consent but since she was gone and I was bored I thought "Hey, lemme just cut
a snippet of my hair". Well that was a huge turn of events. :))))  

My sister sent a photo of my haircut and as soon as my mom saw it, she wanted to
to video chat with me and my sisters. XD

She didn't get mad tho, but she didn't like it very much at first. :))) My dad liked
my hair though. :3 He always hated my long hair blocking my face while I eat. :)))  


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19 years Woman Wonderland :> Other
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Pastel Colors Marketing? A loooot~ Reading

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