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This here is my baby (well not yet) anywho this guy here is amazing and sweet. He makes me smile and well he sould make you smile to.His name is Haza, Isn't lovely?.he does party and likes the raves but I don't think he could be an ***,but he might be if you *** him off.I wouldn't want to see that happened if it does...then Eden tree would cheer you up..well at least anyway.Anywho he is 17 years old,he smokes and drink if you don't like it then buzz off.He is in a band as a lead singer..I bet it is amazing♥. He is also singel so ladies hit him up.Gorgeous person I have ever seen if you don't agree with me,well it's really your lost.Anyway i'lll always be there for you and don't you forget that or i'll have to remind you a thousands time.Just give him a chance..and he will to.Your in for a suprise

-Eden tree♥

Status:Eden i ***en love u so much girl319957_245467845500238_200049230042100_638056_1056991540_n_large162841_127290504004194_100001697350457_175928_3711399_n_largeTumblr_ligz0ilo2v1qbyk3yo1_400_largeTumblr_le5orm4af61qbyk3yo1_500_large06e1de2228c011e19896123138142014_7_largeTumblr_lh1aeov8sj1qfqhwjo1_500_large

Mee n some crazy *** friendsTumblr_lqu9jzv3hv1qfb4ujo1_500_largeTumblr_lxk5jbjbud1qdeg0ho1_500_largeTumblr_lujr45kbe71r5wsrwo1_500_largeTumblr_lpxw62fmel1qbyk3yo1_500_largeTumblr_lpxvsemxrl1qhea5co1_500_large

My lovely girlfriend

edenxbearalright. i think im going to go to bed. because im sleepy and bored.   just an idea. but i think i might take out the monroe and do the whole septum thing?  yes or no?Hey whos this lovely girl....its my girlfriend eden.Wow babe we just met acouple of days ago n i fall in love with u when i first saw you love.Before i asked u out i was looking for a shooting star to make a wish n then i relised ur my star that shoots though my thought all the time.Im always thinking of u babe.I want to make u happy i would do anything for project u ill die for you.If u want something ill get it right there n then.Your my one n only love in this world n life time.Your lips are so kissable n you look like a angel that just came down n stoled my heart n if u take care of my heart ill take care of yours.All i need is you to live not life it self or my heart or soul with out u i would die.Ill take care you babe n ill love you n ill be there for you.I love you girl i really do!!!

newborn | Tumblrmy little baby girl my little princess kira,i love you n ur mommy to death n i will always be there for both of you!

The engagement peom just for you love


When I think about you A smile comes to my face. I think of all the happy times And my heart begins to race. When I think about you I feel light as a feather.When I think about you I think of my dreams coming true. I think of the times to come Oh how I can’t wait.When I think about you I feel happy as can be Because I know that one day You will marry me and soon after we will start a family.


♥Eden Loves you♥ 


for anon baby <3

Wow..darling you are just to amazing.I love how you make me smile all the time because it make me happy and I love the way you smile.It brights up my day.Even though you won't be online that much,i'll still try to be happy just for you love even if I do miss you which I do now..but that doesn't matter,Im not alone because you'll always be in my dreams and in my thoughts.I still can't believe Im with you♥ I want to love you like you never been loved before.I love you Haza.I should have told you that when you were online but..I was to shy about it.Stay with me,I'll be waiting for you.

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