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My Oh My Dollz Fansite here :3

Sejmet Profile
She is a ancient vampire from darkages. She born in Praga, in Modern Age she lives in New York.
Vampire Clan: Ventrue

[About Ventrue]
While the other clans play at games of status or rebellion, the Ventrue take up the mantle of leadership and guide Cainite society itself. Nobility, sophistication and duty are the hallmarks of this clan. Rulership is a difficult burden indeed, but the Ventrue know themselves equal to the task. Alternately derided and respected, the Ventrue are the framework on which the Camarilla rested for hundreds of years. All Ventrue have rarefied tastes, to the point of excluding all other prey except their chosen taste. Ventrue may only feed from mortal blood meeting with their particular dietary restriction. A given Ventrue might be able to feed only from young women or from businessmen or perhaps only from those experiencing terror. A Ventrue reflexively regurgitates any blood taken from any other source, gaining no nourishment. This restriction does not apply to vampiric vitae, though, and it may be suppressed long enough for a Ventrue to Embrace a new childe.

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30 years Woman
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