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hi how do you add people here
12/04/2014 à 06:41:46

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xxwolfchicxx has 1 goodness points.

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True love

Sam//19//Blue/Red/Black/Green// KINDNESS// Taken//God and Christ//Animals//LOVE//Art// COMP***ION//FORGIVENESS//a bit lonely//Fun loving// anything else just ask

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(2emo4alan) I miss you so much

i <3 yew sammy
always have.
still do.
always will.

Taylorboy/Tay Tay ;p

( yeah I said it,lol)

*Sam, I love you kay? Lol not like that silly sheesh. Yes, yes I'm going to college. In fact I plan to be an aerospace engineer. Anyway, Your awesome kay? Don't let anyone tell you differnt-xxconverse /electric-kandi Noah i like miss you sooo much you've been with me through almost everything. Thanks for that .Also thank you for introducing me to Scar(R.I.P.Ty) I should have talked to him when we first met.But it may be a good thing i didnt.Anyway your an awseome bffl. and stay that way.dont change for anyone

Love you girly ~ Sam (aka lollipop dolphin)


Sammi! :D It's Chris.c: Your p***word is so hmm lol. You're a really great friend i'd most likely cry if you stopped talking to me soo please don't? Please.c: Well that's all i got so Bye<3 -ChristianAlexander chrisisbeast.


Haiii you guess who?jikes you didnt guess !!:3 w3ll chu my wolf friend ish the best awesomest chic i ever met in my entire life i glad we got to know each other :3 chu are a great listener & a great person dont ever change :) Chad aka emoxxchadxx

Love you Guys

Age Type City Country
20 years Woman the ocean US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
GOD and you you you you jk xD
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
you Not sure you just ask yo Xp

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