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6/8 - So we officially moved back into the apartment last night. I was tired so didn't vote last night. We only substained some water damage along with first floor. So majority of our stuff is intact. The third floor wasn't so lucky. They lost a lot of stuff in the fire.


6/3 - We've been set up in a hotel. We won't be able to move back in until Mon. I'll be returning missed votes.


5/31 - I'm sorry guys especially to my daily voters but I have to put voting on hold. I don't know for how long. Hopefully no more than a week. We had a fire in our apartment building today around 3pm. Everyone in the building got out safe. Also the second and first floor had minimal damage. The third is wreck. So we were lucky.


5/14 - First off Happy Mother's Day. Second I noticed some peopple still voted thank you but I won't be able to give those votes back instead I will send a gift your way. I will mostly go from my comments and the date of what I have on my last 100 list. If I missed you let me know.

Now with that out of the way we visited South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. It was lovely and the veiw was beautiful. Not to mention the nice weather. Sad we had to leave the weather behind. The seafood was delish. If you haven't been informed I'm a glutton. And man the beach was devine. I had a good time and would visit again. Oh also got to see the family down there. We were happy but my cat Sage had other thoughts. My brother who was watching her said she was mad the whole time we were gone. And she showed it when we got back home. At first she was being sweet and affectionet then next minute she bit and scratched me. My cat has major mood swings. Oh almost forgot I'll put some pics up after I vote. Click on them to get close up. And yes that is me in the pic.



5/13 - Were leaving today in the late morning. So I should be back Sun. or Mon. I will tell you about it when I get back.


5/6 - I'm going Down South by car Mon. 5/8 and I don't know when we will get back. It shouldn't be no more than a week. So don't vote for me during that time. I won't be able to give it back. I will let you know when I get back an get right back to voting. I will screenshot todays 100 last votes so I can resume when I get back.


4/26 - Phew finally finished the Appreciation room. I know its a little *cough* lot *cough* cluttered but I realised half way through I had more gifts than I thought. And I was NOT transfering and redoing it into a whole new room, too much time and money. I also realised the doll is out of place in this room but again quarter ways through not changing it. I wanted to use at least one gift item. I'll change it after a month or when I use the room again.

Now about the room. I have gotten many gifts from you lovely gals and lads. I hate to have your generosity just wasting away in the attic so I dedicated a room all the gifts I recieved that are currently not in use. Since I didn't have enough room all the same gift excluding colors are staced and color variation can be found behind the show cased item. The only items that are hidden is the Halloween monster parts behind the wardrobe.


2/21 - I re-opened the request for drawing your dolls. Click the picture to head to the topic. 





I'm always open for daily voters. I do silent votes unless someone sends a comment that seems like it require a reply. Also I go by last 100 votes. I no longer add to a list and keep voting everyone. So if I miss you sorry. Just let me know and I will return missed votes.

I'm giving away gifts. I ac***ilated way to much that I need to give away. If you want one let me know I'll send it your way. It will come from this account or Zaya24. Most likely from the latter account since that is the one with way to many gifts.

Below are my alternate accounts. Arina, BabyDollXOXO, PannaCotta, and Zaya24 are alternate main accounts. Which means I always check them and are the only other accounts I will put images in their WIA.





Age Type City Country
27 years Woman US
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Johnny Depp & Milla Jovovich K-pop, J-pop, Rock, & Pop Underworld Saga, X-men Saga, 300, & Immortals Fruits, Vegetables, Pepperoni, & Bacon
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink, Blue, & Bright Colors Artist & Author Supernatural, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, & House MD Drawing, Reading, & Writing

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