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I am giving away gifts throught the month of October. If you want one of more let me know via comment or message. Really don't be afraid to ask. A few of my accounts have the Angel job and plenty of certificates to give away. I will be doing this again for every holiday I celebrate which are on the American Calender.


10/16 - Feerik is just milking this Holiday. The replays, quest, Candy Hunt, flash sales, packs old and new, Happy Day and personality test. And these are all great items I would love to have and buy. But at last I am not rich and even if I was I wouldn't spend the amount of money I would need to, to get what I want. I love everything but really please tone it down. It's way too much to be going on in one month.


10/14 - I finally got 3,000 candy and all the chest opened. It was tedious and quite frankly annoying. I'm glad I stuck with it though and didn't spend any feez on the event. On a better note I got the new Casino room in under 10 spins. I like the way this room looks better than the other one. And I'm sorry if you gals have been getting bad luck. I'm just the Bad Luck charm today.


10/12 - I found a way to make this Scare Hunt more bareable for me. Usually I open two different browser and search two different letters. Then I open the first row of dollz on each browser in new tabs. Even then I still have to pause for a few seconds before I can go onto the next. So now I still open two different browsers but one of them I use to read fanfics or manga. Much more productive way of waiting for me. Doing good. Already at 1,600 just 1,400 more to go.


10/9 - I'm dressed for Sierra's birthday. Also I didn't have the money to spare on the Halloween Happy Day on this acount so I bought what I wanted on another account. That way I can get the items when I have the extra feez. Unfortunatley I didn't think of this sooner so I will have to see if anyone else has a couple of the items I wanted so I can get them.


10/6 - Seriously! Why feerik? Why play the replay that I wanted so bad now in October? Darn you. It looks like I'll be spending a little more money than I wanted to on payday if I can't make up the money for the Halloween quest. I really wanted to do the Quest with the Horse Ranch but missed out on it for my own stupidity. I was waiting the last moment to finish the quest and forgot what time it ended and missed it even though I had the money for both endings. A stupid error on my part. I learned my lesson after that.


9/28 - This 'I'm not a Robot' is really ticking me off. It makes me not want to freaking check my accounts. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have quite a few. Also the checking off boxes then verifing is really amoing up my anger. I understand the need, doesn't mean it's not irking my nerves. I won't be checking my alt. very much. Only the main alt. and the ones that needs enough money for a quest.


9/19 - A little late to put this out but if I completed the Nerikya's chest. All the items can be found in my Gl***house. I decided to do this incase others just wanted a specific item and didn't want to spend all the feez on a chance of getting the item. And the wings and flower wand was fixed and stick now.









I'm a very blunt girl. Less likely to sugar coat a matter. I am honest. I love anime, K-pop, Korean and Japanese drama so if you have any suggestion I am up for it. I spend most of my time reading, drawing, and binging on shows mostly anime but anything that catches my attention is fair game. I'm also a fan of the superheroes movies they're cranking out, finally getting their recongnition. What else is there to know about right. I dislike bullying, stereotyping, s.exism, racism and bigotry. I am open minded and faithful to my ideals if you don't like them then do as the saying, "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything." I have a low tolerence for rude people. If I ever come off as rude then let me know otherwise I won't know if I crossed a line. I'm not a mind reader. Sorry Professor X.

I'm always open for daily voters. I do silent votes unless someone sends a comment that seems like it require a reply. Also I go by last 100 votes. I have a list of my daily voters on Zaya24 WIA. I use it if I don't see a daily voter on the 100 list and know that they will return votes when they can.


I'm giving away gifts. I acc.umulated way too much that I need to give away. If you want one let me know I'll send it your way. It will come from this account or Zaya24. Most likely from the latter account since that is the one with way too many gifts.

Below are my alternate accounts. Arina, BabyDollXOXO, PannaCotta, and Zaya24 are alternate main accounts. Which means I always check them and are the only other accounts I will put images in their WIA.











This is where I will put a list of my rooms. Each room has a Doll Mascot. They each have their own little persona. Sometimes they're connected to each other and sometimes not.

I have many rooms but not all of them are used. Some are empty, unfinished and done. To help better navigate I put a little list below for easy access and less work. Also I got the idea from Cornflower.


All the rooms on the list is completely finished. If the status change I will let you know in the news and say why. The rooms can be found below seperated by a divider.






















My short stories will reside here and will always be above my artwork, seperated by a divider to make it easier to tell where it starts. I will always announce it in the news and tell you where to find it.


This is where I will put all my artwork old and new. Pictures can be found below the short story seperated by divider. Click on the image to enlarge.


If you want your doll drawn click on the icon and it will lead you to my request post.






This where all the gifts that aren't game gift will be residing. Click on the icons to see the gift. I did it this way so it wouldn't take up so much room.




















Age Type City Country
27 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Johnny Depp & Jeon Jungkook K-pop, J-pop, Rock, & Pop Underworld Saga, X-men Saga, 300, & Immortals Fruits, Vegetables, Pepperoni, & Bacon
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink, Blue, & Bright Colors Artist & Author Supernatural, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, & House MD Drawing, Reading, & Writing

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