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Hello and welcome to my page! You may find here different stuff about me, my doll and her 'life'. Before entering it please read and respect all the rules below. Thank you!

8th of March: Time for a spring cleaning! New WIA.




 Respect all the official rules of OMD.


 Do not copy any of the following: my doll, my rooms, my WIA or any other elements that do not belong to you. Just think about it: How would you feel if I copied all those from you? 


  I return votes even if I don't leave comments: +2 for me = +2 for you. If I didn't return your votes is probably because I wasn't online or I was busy.


 Do not speak with me in any other language beside ENGLISH! I know a bit of French but if you ask me something in a different language I won't reply to it.


  Please do not ask me for gifts, feez, dollz etc. The messages will be ignored.


 Do not send me spam/ chain messages.


 Name: Olivia 

 Age: 18

 Birthday: January 26th

 Sign: Aquarius

 From: România


 Speaks: Roumanian, French & English

 Likes: Anime, Japan, Potatoes, Romantic Stuff, Starry nights, Moon, Cats, Red, Blue, Dresses, Jewels, Foreign Languages

 Dislikes: Cheaters, Gore stuff, Agressive People 

 Hobbies: Graphics in PS



Age Type City Country
18 years Woman Country: Romania Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Jean Reno Japanese Music Frozen Potatoes :D
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue,turquoise,purple Translator, Foreign languages teacher - watch anime

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