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About Me

+ I only speak English, so please no messages in another language, I won't understand them without Google Translate, which can have weird results.

+ My Birthday is January 26, I'm an Aquarius.

+ If you have something personal to say to me please send me a note instead of leaving a comment. My comments are generally full of comments of voting so I generally only glance over them, which means I could miss a comment about something else.


> I now have an account on Elite Dollz, where I am known as Leiana.

My Dolls



None of my dolls are voting accounts. I am currently using them seperatly. 

My Loft

+ Only room currently even semi-organised is my original Loft room.


Currently Only Giving Out Votes Rarely, Not Everyday!

1. Voting Does Not guarantee return votes.

2. I do use my votes to return the votes I recieve, by checking my 100 last votes list.

Please Help To Keep My Lifetime Votes Even, Thank You!

3. If you give me +1 and it is not to even my lifetime votes then I will not vote back.

4. If I recieve more votes than one doll can return I will either A. Only give my votes to those I think deserve the votes more. Or B. Possibly vote back with one of my other dolls.

5. If I missed a day then I will return the votes I missed when possible.

6. Please Do Not ask for votes, or gifts, I will more often than not ignore you.

Gift Wishlist

Will Only List Three At Any Time.

1. One of the Wigs.

2. 3.

 Any Gift is appreciated though.



 thank you for the .

 voting acct of  for the  and the .

 voting acct of  for the .

 for the  and the .

 voting acct of  for the  and the .

thank you for the .

And anyone else that gave me gifts but isn't listed above.



Note that if you are having a problem with the site or another doll then please notify a moderator and not me, since they can be of actual help. Since I currently spend an average of only a few minutes on each acct. a day. Thank you.


Thank You All For Visiting My Page.

Age Type City Country
34 years Woman Cheshire UK
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Fanfiction Addict

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