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 Hey everyone and

 Welcome to my page ^^ 

Welp, my title may be a little too big xD

Because I'm getting busier and busier i decided to stop daily voting for an undetermined period of time, I hope you all understand and I'll make sure to tell everyone when I'm back... I apologize for any trouble I've caused...
* Any votes will be returned (leaving a comment would help me too)
Anything new about my daily voter status or anything new at all will be posted here. 
Yay, reached 4900+ lifetime votes, thank you guys ^.^... next goal: 5000
About me...

Hi, I'm Kitty (nickname), I'm 18 years old and I LOVE cats  xD. In the little free time I have, my hobby is playing the piano and playing computer games i guess (if that's even a hobby xD). Oh and anime, I love it, along with every good thing that Japan has to offer! I played MDD and OMD  for a total of about 8-9years (with some breaks). Quite inactive atm but i still make time for the game when i can/remember... Uhh, I'll get back to it eventually xD

Other dolls
 Those are my other kittens that I use for voting and stuff.
Gifts (outdated)
 I'd like to thank to everyone who  sent me gifts, even though my list is very outdated. Since I'd last updated it, i have received many more gifts from lots of wonderful people (but i lost track of them, sowwy >.<)
 splendora/sas sygirl7 for these 4 awesome gifts    You should pay her a visit ^^
Animegirl654 for the cute flower plushie ^^
 Shamrock96 for those two lovley turquoise gifts  
 Yuuki07  for the great snake wig xD 
 Anywamalfoy for the other great snake wig xD 
Vinya for that awesomely cute black cat 
Joyceelieen for cute pumpkin 
 Nicole194 for the candles that complete any Halloween image 
Witch2004 for the "haunted" sign 
Zarinen for the pumpkin bag 
 Sierradane for the waving (i guess) skeleton  
(so many Halloween gifts xD)
And many many more things that i received meanwhile but don't have the time to update the list.

 Well....that was everything I had to say, so thank you for taking some of your time to read my WIA... :)

                                                              Have a nice day, 

Age Type City Country
21 years Woman Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
- Classical(yeah, you read right xD) Uhhh, too hard to pick Asian types of food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Turquoise Some anime most likely Piano ^^

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