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Happy New Years!
01/01/2018 à 23:27:00
Made lemon snowdrop co.okies today. Very meh...
14/12/2017 à 23:51:02
Votes lovely friend! Hope4ever2
22/11/2017 à 01:53:34
Went to a special preview of Disaster Artist....
17/11/2017 à 00:15:26

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Vinya has 77 goodness points.

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On voting hiatus

Please top voting for me! I'm so sorry but I just can't seem to find time most days to come and vote... mostly I don't even log in to work.. I hope I'll have more time soon  so I can come back to voting full time. Many thanks to lovely dolls who kept voting for me during this time





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My girls on US server in order of their creation: Vinya, Edene, Silpion, Lostariel, Mordollwen, Ninniachel, Narylfiel, Siladhiel, Naerwen. 


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Votes on my alts are treated as if they were left on Vinya's. 

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Thank you Yuuki07 for wig, school board, pumpkin doll, elf, leprechaun, candies, pillow; maytling for the wig, flowers; Eliisa for the beautiful picture, bell, another bell; Zarinen for the doll, books, the spiraly Xmas thingy, the b-day cake, pot of gold, flowers in vase, bear, perfume, candle; SaphiraGlam for the baloons, doll, flowers, snow globe ; NOregrets for tedybear, pencil, skirt, vase with flowers, reindeer figurine; Joyceeileen for the elf, bear; Nicole194 for tedy, cat with books, reindeer; Andybel for the puppy, plant, books, diploma; Melody1231 for the gift, bear; Jazz333 for the puppy; Kimaly for the sweater; faechild86 for the hat; Goldenlightt for the stuffed reindeer, doll; Sweettears90 for the puppy; Sierradane for baloons and flowers; Rheasilvia for bag; Batsap for skirt, puppy, tea?; Arlekinlain for skirt, bear, reindeer, tedy, candle; naa for the snow globe; fairykisses for bear, candle; caissene for the skirt, snow globe, xm*** tree, kitten; Hope4ever2  for the tree, rubyheartz08 for kitten; babybanni for chocolate, historygeek for tea pot, veratte for chocolate; ulvejenta for reindeer; julieanne1976 for perfume  :)

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Age Type City Country
29 years Woman Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
J.R.R.Tolkien Symphonic metal
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
green, gray librarian/archivist Doctor Who, Sherlock reading, paper folding

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