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I can't online daily but I will reply to every votes I got! IF anyone by mistake get +1 votes instead of +2 please tell me :)

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Sunday 06/12/20

Hi friends,

We are close to the end of 2020 before we know it. Who missed trips? I do.

I am having a new job since 16th Nov, and tried my best to adapt & contributes in it. It's close to home, but already full work-from-office, and a bit different from my usual job. A new division, so I had to plan everything from the beginning. That's put pressure on me :(

I was glad with my time at home before, though. Spending time with family, starting a new hobby of violin and watercolor painting, spend time reading, etc. And today, we finally go to a m*** at church again after 9 months!

Let's say those are the blessing of corona, although of course more suffering comes from it. Hopefully next year will be better for all of us!

I will try to find time and login and votes from time to time.  Sorry for lack of votes!

Love and hugs



Hi Everyone! Another round of silent votes today ^^

I can't believe how fast this year has been! I already turned a year older just a few days ago.. Not sure if I am happy about it :P Work is normal and boring as always. But, my family were planning a trip to UK & Europe for next May - June and we are busy preparing for it. I can't wait for holiday! :D Wish everything is well with all of you. All the best :) Love and hugs

And Thank you to Kruna for 7000th votes! ^o^/


** note: oh dear, not checking my votes. (Quick login these days) When did I reach 4000 lifetime votes? whoever gives me that (please tell me?) thanks a lot!


Thank you Ryllme for 3000th votes!


Hi friends, internet just repaired :) and I´m back to find my votes reached 2000! Thanks all!

Thank you Melody1231 for 2000th votes!


I might not login every days, but I'll try my best to do reply every votes you gave me.. Sorry and thank you to those who are visiting or/and giving me votes :) hugs


Hi all, I'm akane92

I played MDD before it closed and then moved here..

I love anime, manga, and Japanese culture and I draw a lot :) I like drawing! I guess I am kind of artistic. I am fond of cooking and baking too (not too good at it though!). I also like cute stuffs, music, and other things. And I am a chocolate addict^^

I like fantasy, romance, and comedy stories or films and Disney's stuffs too. I am not good with horror though! >.<

I speak Indonesian, English, German, and a tiny bit Chinese. Recently I have started to learn Spanish too.

I am a graduate of Food Technology now. However I ended up working in a different field, which is market research.


I'd like to make friends so feel free to talk with me -^o^- Just tell me if you want to add me as a friend

I'm not online daily, but if you want I can vote everytime I log in here (Just PM me!).  I'll always reply votes. I always give 2 votes, but if I made a mistake, I'm sorry if I only gave you one. Please tell me then!

My voting accounts currently are Aethel92 and Pat92


If you got votes from them, it means they are from me.{#good}


I have 2 sisters, both playing OMD also

They're purishiru & cutegirl28, please visit them if you have time :)

purishiru   cutegirl28

if by mistake I hurt you with my words, please forgive me! ^^

~Thank you for visiting my page~



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I thank all people who have given me Gifts!

Reindeer pillowfrom Witch2004

Reindeer doll & Pumpkinfrom Joyceeileen

Cakes/present boxes (?) from Rubyheartz08

Balloons from Purishiru and Rubyheartz08

Flower Bouquets from C ookiesez

Teddy Bear as Christmas Present from Joyceeileen

Cat in the sock as Christmas Present from Cutegirl28

Blue wigs from Ladykikyo


Fish & Easter Egg & Wig from Zarinen


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