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akane92 has 10 goodness points.


I can't online daily but I will reply to every votes I got! IF anyone by mistake get +1 votes instead of +2 please tell me :)

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Hi Everyone! Another round of silent votes today ^^ Sorry for lack of votes.

I went to UK and Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France) during late May-early June, and it was so fun! I missed Europe so much and feels so much at home there :D And since it was a family holiday, it was kind of nice to spend time with my family and aunts.

Work has been very busy since I am home from vacation at June. I am holding a troublesome project that allows me no rest TT-TT And since work environment is kind of not nice as well, I am thinking to search for a new job! 

Wish everything is well with all of you. All the best :)

Love and hugs



Hi Everyone! Another round of silent votes today ^^

I can't believe how fast this year has been! I already turned a year older just a few days ago.. Not sure if I am happy about it :P Work is normal and boring as always. But, my family were planning a trip to UK & Europe for next May - June and we are busy preparing for it. I can't wait for holiday! :D Wish everything is well with all of you. All the best :) Love and hugs

And Thank you to Kruna for 7000th votes! ^o^/


Happy New Year 2019!

Wish you a great year ahead and hope all your wishes come true :) Thank you for being there last year. Hopefully this year will be good for us all. Love and hugs


Merry Christmas!Wish you a happy and blissful Christmas wherever you are. Love and Hugs always ^^ God bless you. And Happy Holiday!


Hi all, it's Good Friday! I can't believe its almost 2 years since I last login. How are you? Thank you for still being my friends :) Work life is busier than I thought, and recently I just changed my workplace. But I believe that these years I have learned many things and be more mature, maybe >.< I will try to left some silent votes here and then, whenever I have time! And perhaps do some of the quests too ^^ Login again makes me miss the game so much! Lots of hugs.


** note: oh dear, not checking my votes. (Quick login these days) When did I reach 4000 lifetime votes? whoever gives me that (please tell me?) thanks a lot!


Thank you Ryllme for 3000th votes!


Hi friends, internet just repaired :) and I´m back to find my votes reached 2000! Thanks all!

Thank you Melody1231 for 2000th votes!


I might not login every days, but I'll try my best to do reply every votes you gave me.. Sorry and thank you to those who are visiting or/and giving me votes :) hugs


Hi all, I'm akane92

I played MDD before it closed and then moved here..

I love anime, manga, and Japanese culture and I draw a lot :) I like drawing! I guess I am kind of artistic. I am fond of cooking and baking too (not too good at it though!). I also like cute stuffs, music, and other things. And I am a chocolate addict^^

I like fantasy, romance, and comedy stories or films and Disney's stuffs too. I am not good with horror though! >.<

I speak Indonesian, English, German, and a tiny bit Chinese. Recently I have started to learn Spanish too.

I am a graduate of Food Technology now. However I ended up working in a different field, which is market research.


I'd like to make friends so feel free to talk with me -^o^- Just tell me if you want to add me as a friend

I'm not online daily, but if you want I can vote everytime I log in here (Just PM me!).  I'll always reply votes. I always give 2 votes, but if I made a mistake, I'm sorry if I only gave you one. Please tell me then!

My voting accounts currently are Aethel92 and Pat92


If you got votes from them, it means they are from me.{#good}


I have 2 sisters, both playing OMD also

They're purishiru & cutegirl28, please visit them if you have time :)

purishiru   cutegirl28

if by mistake I hurt you with my words, please forgive me! ^^

~Thank you for visiting my page~



-From 15 January 2006-




I thank all people who have given me Gifts!

Reindeer pillowfrom Witch2004

Reindeer doll & Pumpkinfrom Joyceeileen

Cakes/present boxes (?) from Rubyheartz08

Balloons from Purishiru and Rubyheartz08

Flower Bouquets from C ookiesez

Teddy Bear as Christmas Present from Joyceeileen

Cat in the sock as Christmas Present from Cutegirl28

Blue wigs from Ladykikyo


Fish & Easter Egg & Wig from Zarinen


Tidied Room:

bedroom #3
one thousand and one night
living room #2
the dirigible
submarine room
magic school
fairy palace
medieval,  the cabin, ice palace

Untidied/messy Room: 

the concert hall
the haunted castle
japanese castle


winter palace


Age Type City Country
28 years Woman Jakarta-Indonesia Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
classic, pop, anime soundtrack, vocaloid Harry Potter, Disney movie, other "magical" themed movies
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
blue,white, green read, draw, sleep :P

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