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Sometimes it's OK if the only thing you did...
06/08/2020 à 01:59:57
We had a lovely afternoon out at our daughter's...
05/08/2020 à 03:51:29
"I hope that your soul and your heart find...
04/08/2020 à 03:45:32
Fantastic Cabin!!
03/08/2020 à 20:20:54

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What colors are your wings, dad? 


Thank you, Becky ( sez) for your words. They are just what I needed to vent out my feelings for today, Father's day.



about     me

Hello! My name is Andy (Well, that is my nickname indeed). I live in Cordoba, a lovely city located at the heart of Argentina Argentina, surrounded by mountains and lakes.

I'm a 29 year-old girl so I'm pretty old for these types of games, but I really enjoy decorating and dressing up barbies! My birthday is on January, 12th. and I'm an only child. I just love being one! :P I live by myself with my dog, Theodore (a.k.a Hurricane Theodore) who loves getting in trouble. I work as a translator. I love reading, sleeping, watching TV series and listening to music. 

I'm a Hello Kitty fan... just in case you haven't noticed it yet... :P...




 Emoticon hello kittyI always vote back . But, please, leave my votes even! I usually answer comments or PMs; however, since I don't have much time I leave votes without comments. So, please, DO check your 100 last votes for me.

  Emoticon hello kittyI don't like rude people, I don't like slang vocabulary and I, definitely, don't like insults. So, don't ever dare think to leave rude messages because I'll ban you right away and report the abuse. And don't send those messages saying just Hi-. They are annoying.
  Emoticon hello kittyI have spent somet time looking for pictures and gif images, so please, try to be original and look for your own images and gifs.

Emoticon hello kittyI don't like liars, so please, don't say you voted when you didn't because I DO check my last 100 votes. If you can't vote because you run out of votes, well, don't panic. I won't k*ill you, just tell me. I'm a very sensible person, I'll definitely understand it.




Emoticon hello kittyMy family, friends and my dog 

Emoticon hello kittyThe beach and the sea

 Emoticon hello kittyMy job
Emoticon hello kittyReading books
Emoticon hello kittyJared Paladecki (shame he married...>.<) Jensen Ackles and Benicio del Toro
  Emoticon hello kittyIcecream (Tramontana!) Rogel cake
Emoticon hello kittyMy Diva Doll



Emoticon hello kittyCOOKING (Definitely, I'm not good at it...)

Emoticon hello kittyGetting up early... especially in winters

Emoticon hello kittyBugs and spiders and reptils (Oh, God, I just hate them with all my heart)

Emoticon hello kittyWinter




All the people who are in my crew it is so because they are really part of my life and I treasure them. But I wanted to make a kind of tribute to those friends who gently gave me a gift! Thank you very much!

ayletelonnanyarlekinlainfaechild86 sezyuuki07




saiokosweettears90 goldenlighttfairykisses






 All the people who are in my crew it is so because they are really part of my life and I treasure them a lot. But I wanted to make a kind of tribute to those friends who genty made a picture for me! Thank you very much!



Thanks a lot, Arlekinlain! =)


 Emoticon hello kittyThanks a lot for visiting me! Come back whenever you want! You are welcomed!




Age Type City Country
31 years Woman Cordoba, Argentina UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Jared Paladecki, Jensen Ackles, Benicio del Toro Pop, soft, rock, Soundtracks, music from all the world no one in particular Lomitos, cookies
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
black, dark blue no one in particular painting, horse riding, sleeping, reading

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