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hikaru and kaoru
hi so this is my page and im in love with some wierd things that might make some ppl minds explode!!!!!! but ill show u annyway so here it is
fav show: I LOVE ANIME (i know weird right) and here r some of my favs
and gust so u know wen u see this on the title {#love}{#good}{#ok}then im rating them to how i like it like this 1{#love} means love it and this 1{#good} means well like it says good and this 1{#ok}means ok.anyway so plz dont get offended by my rating it is gust how i thing of it and if u dont agree then tell me why? and if u agree then comment on it and tell me! i wont 2 know what u think!!!!!! so here it is!!!!! (and 4 1's that have more series ill rate them both not together)
(and if i put this 1 wich is varry rare{#sad} means dissapointing)
1.fullmetal alchemist{#love} and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood{#love}
2.ouran high school host club{#love} butler{#love} and black butler 2{#good}
4.fruits basket{#love}{#love}
6.soul eater{#love}
7.princess tutu{#good}
8.baka and test{#love}
10.digimon all 4{#love} and digimon data squad {#sad}
11.oban star racers{#good}
12.code lyoko{#good}
13.YU-GI-OH! all (but im on 5D'S and havent seen zexal yet){#love}
14.angel beats{#love}
15.squid girl{#good}
16.sgt frog{#love}
17.teen titans{#love}
18.sonic X {#love}
19.eddo rocket{#ok} pice{#love}
21. ....//hack legen of twilight{#ok}
22.rave master {#ok}
(if u know any of this and like it then that is realy cool and shoud comment me if u want 2 tell me sum that u like then comment me on that also {#ok})
fav book: I LOVE MANGA ALL MANGA ( so i will read any manga that u throw at me especialy the funny ones {#lol})
fav color: green
fav band.adingdon boy school
fav move: fullmetal alchemist the movie conqueror of shamballa and fma sacrade star of milos
(u probley dont know the movie that i said but it is realy good u shoud try them) {#good}
fav actor: vic mignogna
(love him {#love})
(u probely dont know him ether {#ouf})
fav singer: taylorswift{#gai}
fav candy: any thing sour or choclety {#mang}
fav thing 2 draw: chibis {#mdr}
fav thing to lookup on youtube. abriged stuff
fav subjet in cl***. drama (yes im a drama nerd deal with it {#fete}k)
and that is it for right now {#pleur}but i will have more later{#gai}so plz vote me if u can and i love wen u comment me so u can do that {#ok}gust so u know i love thes things so i will use them alot{#ok}

so i gust got finnisht with the 2nd season of black butler and i was VARY DISSIPOINTED with the ending and gust all of it really i mean i really hated the (this a !!!!!!!!!BIG SPOILER!!!!!!!! so people who r still waching it dont read the thing that im going 2 say) i really hate the ending win ceil got turned into a demon i got soooooo mad and that sabastien is now forever with him i mean im glade that ceil isnt like eaten by him but i wish that sabastin can be free. and i got 2 admit that ceil is a jerk @ the end wen he becomes a demon but that is gust me anyway i gust think it can ben done alot better and i thnk that alois is a strange child i mean he licks everything it is disusting and claud is horrible i mean ( a nuther SPOILER gust saying) wen claud tryed 2 get ceil and mack both alois and ceil memoris combind that was sad anyway and 1 more thing ( anather SPOILER) wen they killed of alois that was crule and have claud his oun butler do it is really stupid really i mean ya he is a creeper but really that is gust cold anyway byt i kinda like some of it like the 2nd episode it was funny i am a funny purson or i like funny stuff so i really wish that it had more fuynny stuff in it well that is my rant so ya i hope i dident spoile anything and if i did plz dont read it i dont wont to spoil anything. so ya thart u go.
ok so i wont 2 list my top 10 fav boyz and my top 5 fav girls from my fav anime (ther not in order)
the boyz!
  1. alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist)
  2. death the kid (soul eater)
  3. kyo soma (fruits basket)
  4. t.k (takeru) takaishi (digimon 1st and 2nd season)
  5. tamaki suou (ouran highschool host club)
  6. akihisa yoshi (baka and test)
  7. hideyoshi (baka and test)
  8. sebastan michaelis (black butler)
  9. ceil phantomhive (black butler)
  10. edward elric (fullmetal alchemist)
  11. jesse anderson (YU-GI-OH! GX)
  12. jaden yuki (YU-GI-OH! GX)
  13. syrus truesdale (YU-GI-OH! GX)
  14. hikaru hitachin (ouran highschool host club)
  15. kaoru hitachin (ouran highschool host club)
  16. allen walker (
  17. lavi (
  18. soul (evens) eater (soul eater)
  19. ryou bakura (YU-GI-OH!)
  20. yusei fudo (YU-GI-OH!)
  21. sanji (one pice)
  22. odd delarobia (code lyoko)
  23. fuyuki hinada (stg frog)
  24. giroro (stg frog)
  25. faker (prinsess tutu)
  26. ranoro zoro (one pice)
  27. hinada (angel beats)
  28. best boy (teen titans)
  29. sakka (avater last air bander)
  30. otanashi (angel beats)
now the girls!
  1. haruhi fugioka (ouran highschool host club)
  2. maka albarn (soul eater)
  3. toru handa (fruits basket)
  4. winry rockbell (fullmetal alchemist)
  5. minimi shimata (baka and test)

nasumi hinada (sgt frog)

    angel beatshetaila
    save me lollipop

Age Type City Country
22 years Woman risenbowl US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
taylorswift and vic mignogna Anything really Castle in the Sky pizza and Chinese food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
GREEN anime voice actress Fullmetal Alchemist Reading and Acting

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