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Why do ghosts go on diets? So they can keep...
28/10/2020 à 03:55:14
Tuesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
27/10/2020 à 18:36:44
27/10/2020 à 16:22:06
I didn't get online last night, but I'm going...
26/10/2020 à 16:52:52

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HI  I am April and I have April613. Any other dollz with the name April in it are not me.  Thanks

 >>Scroll down far below for fashion show winners<<

Please remember to wait 2 months to enter after you win 1st place,  It's the rule!  Here's a little help to keep up with the voting shows. 

 LOFT Show Winners.   


11-2  1.  2.  3.  (witchcraft rites <French site says scorcerer>)

10-19 1. silverstarshine 2. agneseappeal 3. everblue  (Grandfathers day)

10-5 1. aleron 2. miley-mimi 3. n1ghtshade (1st days of Fall) 

9-21-20 1. avivah  only entry  (Back to school)

9-7-20  1. morie 2. lionesslady 3.  aranya (my summer garden)

8-24-20 1. teom 2. aleron 3. mineyeung (Fabulous world of OMD) 

8-10-20 1.gingerjane 2. aleron 3. margo (family vacations)

7-27-20 1. april613  2. margo 3. agneseappeal (cabana/beach)


Fashion show Winners 


10-26-20 1.  2.  3.   (October pink)

10-12-20 1. birdeebee 2. gingerjane 3. laurelali (Autumn walk)

9-28-20 1. miley-mimi 2. lionesslady 3. aleron (magical Fall character

9-14-20  1. moonglow  2. miley-mimi 3. noel1343 (cuddly toys/teddy bears)

8-31-20 1. sophiia 2. miley-mimi 3. mineyeung  (omd birthday)

8-17-20 1. sophiia 2. moonglow 3. laurelali (most beautiful on beach)

8-3-20  1. april  2. pinkdiamond 3. lishjo (colors of the islands)



If you place and have a favorite color I can use that to hilight your name! Just let me know.  



updating my loft but still gonna be gothic-whatever.

Hogwarts is Hermione Granger and crookshanks at Hogwarts, still working on it.    Aquarium: a yacht hiding a secret elevator ride to mermaid dwelling.  Yacht is pirate ship. NewYork is indoor shopping. 


Age Type City Country
100 years Woman mid-south tornado area US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Matt dillon 80's The outsiders Ravioli
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
black and red and rose actress/singer/songwriter Criminal Minds this game & sudoku

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