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17/07/2018 à 11:25:01

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april has 42 goodness points.

Jury President

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DONE: Art  196> Chars 200  Beauty  200  span> Int 200span>

where did my career points go?

 I am April and now I have April613. Any other dollz with the name April in it are not me.  Thanks.

First Egypt room in Garage

Jobs won in quests: Guardian of the Tree, Movie Star, Miss Dollzland, Special Agent, Princess, Writer, Mangaka, Pirate, North Pole Adventurer, Haute Couture Designer, Bollywood Actress, Star of the Track, Costume Designer, Empress of the Ocean & Christmas Fairy

Here's a little help to keep up with the voting shows.This will help me remember how long its been since I entered, so I hope it helps you. I only did 1st place because those are the ones restricted from entering for at least 6 mos. Everyone should have a chance! 

 1st place LOFT Show Winners.


7-2-18  moonglow

6-18-18  gingerjane

6-4-18  april613

5-21-18  Pearlshine

5-7-18  Zarinen  

4-23-18  roseaddict   (oops see 1-15-18)

4-9-18    yooona   

3-26-18  awesomeness9

3-12-18   avivah

2-26-18   laurelali

2-12-18   silverstarshine

1-29-18   teom

1-15-18   roseaddict

1-1-18   angellight

12-18-17  lionesslady

12-04-17  nightshade

11-20-17  notcuteatall

11-6-17  Metallicat    

10-23-17  Margo

10-9-17  April (smile)

9-25-17  birdyy

9-11-17  morie

*8-28-17 Special Anniversary  bizzy-bee

8-14-17  melodie22

7-31-17  Cornflower

7-17-17   April613

7-3-17   Avivah

6-19-17  Jem

6-8-17   Mineyeung

5-22-17  Shayleenkook

5-8-17  Moonglow

4-24-17  kikizmaj

4-10-17  tahlenwing



1st place Fashtion show Winners 

Please remember to wait 6 months after you win 1st place to enter again. It is the rule!


7-9-18 April

6-25-18 pearlshine

6-11-18 karusia84 WHAT!? See 4-30-18

5-28-18  avivah

5-14-18  fairygreen

4-30-18 karusia84

4-18-18   ninniachel

4-3-18     Aranya

3-19-18  Morie

3-5-18    Mineyeung

2-18-18  shalyleenkook   

2-5-18    tahlenwing (special mz dollzland entry)

1-22-18  alice77899

1-9-18  darkgirrrl

12-25-17  alex0925

12-11-17  lionesslady

11-27-17  babydollxoxo

11-13-17  Rukia131

10-30-17  tahlenwing

10-16-17  doomsdoors

10-2-17   moonglow

9-18-17  Yoana

9-4-17   Cornflower

8-22-17  everafter

8-7-17  fashionstorm

7-24-17  Morie

7-10-17  sweetperson0215

6-26-17  soleda

6-12-17  leontine

5-29-17  mineyeung

5-15-17  luciie

5-1-17 Cornflower

4-17-17  flowermercury (Duck to water theme)

4-3-17   thedove  (St. Patrick theme)



















Age Type City Country
100 years Woman mid-south tornado area US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Matt dillon 80's The outsiders Ravioli
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
black and red and rose actress/singer/songwriter Criminal Minds/Quantico Karaoke

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