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A song by a group called Bread


And Aubrey was her name
A not so very ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?

For a love that wouldn't bloom
For the hearts that never played in tune
Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing
Take away the words that rhyme, it doesn't mean a thing

And Aubrey was her name
We tripped the light and danced together to the moon
But where was June

No, it never came around
If it did it never made a sound
Maybe I was absent or was listening too fast
Catching all the words but then the meaning going past

But God I miss the girl
And I'd go a thousand times around the world just to be
Closer to her than to me

And Aubrey was her name
I never knew her but I loved her just the same
I loved her name

Wish that I had found the way
And the reasons that would make her stay
I have learned to lead a life apart from all the rest
If I can't have the one I want, I'll do without the best

But how I miss the girl
And I'd go a million times around the world just to say
She had been mine for a day

Goober, our Cochin hen
Born May 2011
Died Feb 19 2013
The Toddlers:

As some of you know, my mother has chickens that are Silver Sebrights. They are a bantam type chicken, very picky eaters (only eat canned corn from Aldi's and Little Debbie brownies) and when we aren't lucky enough to have a hen to hatch out some of her own, we have to drive to Springfield Missouri to buy some there. We were down to three chickens on the outside and one on the inside (of my mother's house). Roosty and his women, Bertha and Crooked Tail live in the chicken mansion and Willie who hates them (they hate her) still sleeps in my mom's house. Whenever Willie needed to lay an egg, she ran very quickly to my mom's front door at which time we opened the door for Willie to run to her box to lay that egg.

Roosty is too old to cut the mustard and Willie, just a year old, had never really had any experience with a rooster other than the dearly departed David who attempted but failed when Willie flew to the top of the chicken mansion. At any rate, Willie suddenly started to set on those eggs in the house. About every 3 days, she'd get out and run to the front door wanting to go out to go to the bathroom. She'd do that, eat some canned corn and brownie balls then pick around a little before wanting to go back in. After going back in, she'd sit on my mom's electric chair for a few minutes to pick at her feathers (she's very vane) until I would get tired of waiting for her to get back on her eggs.

At that time, I'd get up and head toward the dining room telling Willie, "I'm getting hungry. I'm awfully hungry. I think I'm going to fix me some scrambled eggs." I'd get closer to her box then she'd fly off and go get back on her eggs for another 3 days.

So today, we bought some baby chickens and the breed is supposed to be Americauna. One was gray-ish, the other was brown-ish and have been named Sammy and Deanie.

To prepare for our elaborate scheme, KC (aaatinkerbel) and I took 2 eggs from the chicken mansion and with a needle I made holes in each end of the egg then I blew the egg white and yolk out. KC did the second one with much difficulty because she couldn't stop laughing about how gross it was. I then took the needle and made little holes around the middle and we laid them on the dining room table for "the right time." The babies were safely in a box in my mother's bedroom so they wouldn't be heard.

I asked Willie several times, "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" And being the dedicated little mother to be, she ignored my question and said something else that was uninteligble. So the plan was changed slightly. It was getting close to 7pm. I would carry Willie outside with KC at the door to open it. I would sit outside so Willie could go to the bathroom, eat some corn and some brownies and pick around if she wanted to. While we were outside, KC brought the babies into the dining room and took the eggs out of the nest. She placed the blown out eggs in the nest, gently breaking them and put the babies on top of the shells plus put some of the egg shells on top of them.

Willie finally decided she needed to go back inside where she sat on my mom's electric chair like usual to fix her feathers. After about 5 minutes or so, I got up and told Willie, "I'm pretty hungry. I'm going to fix me some fried eggs." KC has never seen me do that, so she didn't believe me when I told her what would happen. But she soon found out that is exactly what happened.

Willie ran into the dining room where it was apparent that 'baby noises' were coming from her box. She flew up to the edge and stood there shocked. She turned around to look at us then turned back to crane her neck to try to see into her smaller box which is her nest. But we had the lights down, so she really couldn't see all that good. She jumped into the bigger part of her box and stood at one end of the small next box which comes to about eye level to her. She peered over the edge from one side, then went under her perch and peered over the other edge. She got in the box and Dean/Deanie, the little brown one got underneath her. Sam/Sammie wasn't under her and it appeared she was pecking it in the head... but I believe she was trying to get it underneath her. Keep in mind, those original eggs had been taken out and there were broken egg shells there instead. After she got them under her, she gave KC and I a look that said, "I told you that if I sat on these eggs long enough.... they would hatch!!!!!!" KC leaned over to look and having leaned TOO far, Willie did her chicken growl. So KC went on home and I stayed behind.

When I left, Willie was sitting in her nest all 'motherly' like and seemed very satisfied. I told my mom if in the night Willie decides not to like them and kills them during the night, then that's just how it's going to be. But it appears she has accepted them.

So in total, we now have 19 chickens:

Roosty & his women, Bertha and Crooked Tail. Three baby Sebrights (3 months old) who live in the mansion now named Mister, Henny and Ethan. The "Secret" chickens that we refer to as "The Toddlers" that my brother in Georgia has no idea about: three Cochin named Andy, Gomer & Goober (2 roosters one hen--Andy is black, the others are white), Precious & JuneYur (Japanese black tail), Freckles (looks kinda like the Japanese black tail chickens only has long legs and specks on it's head) and Timmy (dark brown--Old English something or other) and Fonnie (light carmel color). And the inside chickens: Charlie & Elvira (Sebrights that hate Willie, Roosty & his women and the three babies outside...even though they are their siblings) and now Willie and her babies, Sammie and Deanie. It's possible the Americauna chickens will be quite big... so we will have this tiny "cornish hen" size hen protecting big whopper babies.

Update: Timmy the hen & Andy had a baby which was named Misty Rain. Timmy & Andy are only 6 months old.



Freckles & Precious:

Age Type City Country
35 years Woman
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