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omg i do not want 2018 to end!! can i do it again? XD my year was full of babies and puppies!! <3 how does it get better than that? XD certainly 2019 isn't going to be better, i was guilted into a few work projects this spring X_X (what have i done?!! XD) and tons of housing things to work on over the summer >< i'm already feeling tired! LOL 




{#star} MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! {#star}


i hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and enjoying time with loved ones <3 i can't believe it's already xmas!! i've had such a busy holiday and loving every nanosecond!! XD we went to a christmas market in germany and an amazing trip to disney, it was a wonderful celebration but to be honest it was bittersweet, though i was able to share it with many people i love dearly it was the magical christmas my mom and i always dreamed of and she's not here with me to enjoy it, i secretly wished all month long that i could share just one more christmas with her, this one, and on christmas eve my nieces and nephews gave me a gift that made my wish come true, they gave me my mom's christmas bear collection T_T i can't believe that such a hopeless wish came true! i know my mom made this all happen and we were able to have one more christmas together, the most magical christmas i'll ever have <3









hello! ^^ i'm a bunny! ..okay maybe i'm not really a bunny but i do act like one! i'm shy and sweet and i have a white fluffy coat. i'm also nervous and crazy, but don't be afraid to say hello, i love to meet new people and make friends! <3





no clue why, but i decided to remodel all of my rooms... X___X

i guess i'm just working on my rooms as the quests are released? idk lol


my other dollz




mon lapin français





Age Type City Country
100 years Woman Los Angeles/Tokyo Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
💗Hello Kitty💗 vocaloid, J-rock, K-pop Godzilla, lego movies chocolate
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
all chef/baker TAWOG, Twilight Zone miniatures, Re-Ment

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