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[ Welcome to my ASIAN account [

 Last, but not least (but least expensive!) of my recent condo construction, I am pleased to introduce Bellad0nna.

Bellad0nna means beautiful lady in Italian... and I think she is.  From the first time I saw them, I have always wanted to use the watered silk poppy panels featured in Bellad0nna's bedroom.  It was a long wait... but it was worth it!  Although it was unintentional, it seems that I have saved the best for last... Bellad0nna's loft is another one of my favorites (along with LadyTawny and Bizzy-Bee).

 The inspiration for this loft was the aforementioned poppy panels... AND the Christmas sale!  With only one week to purchase them before Christmas boutiques closed for an entire year, I was determined to come up with a loft plan... FAST!!!

Once I found a complementary wallpaper, the rest of the design seemed to flow effortlessly... which is definitely not my usual experience (LOL)!

Using the panels did pose some problems with the bedroom, and I didn't care for any of the window options in the boutiques... until now.  I think one of the new offerings may work nicely here, please tell me what you think!  The windows in question are the "dark tropic" windows shown in the mini plan below... yes? no?

There are, of course, still some odds & ends left to add the finishing touches to the main loft.  I wonder if the odds ever end???  It seems that I always have something else I need to buy :P  I guess a diva's work is never done!  Speaking of which, I guess I better start thinking about Sarah's garden... 

Thank you for visiting Bellad0nna's home... have a beautiful day ^.^ 

My Main Account:




Currently, my alts are taking a "voting vacation"... comments & votes left here will likely not be returned, but I appreciate your visit! Thank you ^.^




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