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brokenbymichael has 2 goodness points.

Humanitarian ambassador
Unity WebGL


So This Would Absloutly Be Your First Hack My Dear ^^ It's Carterrr~ I'm Hacking You Because You're Legit Like That, Ha. Blah; Mhm. you're Such An Amazing Person, Who Anyone Would Love To Spend Time With, &' You're So Sweet &' Funny, You Entertain Someone When Their Down With You Inspiring Words c:, I Truely Love You, Cause You're Amazingly Awesome, &' I Won't Ever Regret Meeting You, Who Would, Eh? You're Someone Special To Me, &' Really Fun To Talk To c: You're Honest &' Full Of Beauty From The Inside, I Never Expected To Find Someone So Pure From The Inside, You're So Amazing, Girl. I'm Honest About It, You Can Make Someone's Day So Easily, With Your Beautiful Words c: &' Your Way Of Telling Who You Are, Is Just So Honest, You're Honest In Everything, OMG, I Just Love You So Much, Never Change, Alright c: ? I Love You. Aka.Carter


[ ItwatxCarter ]

Age Type City Country
100 years Woman Wherever US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Me Rock/Rap Lilo and Stitch IDK
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple I gotta life.... Don't have one Don't have one

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