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~Welcome to my page~





On Haitus, I'll vote when/if I get the chance


And I do silent votes, so please check last 100.

Room Themes

Loft - The lab

Mexico - Summer vacation on Frankenstien's private island

The cabin - Ski resort with the humans

Sewing Workshop - Loft

Cloud - Danger zone

Patio - Easter

Temp. -  New Year's Eve

Halloween - outside Halloween party

Veranda - Summer

Highschool - School

Citadel - Rai's place

Crypt - Rai's room

Flatemate - Valentine's party

Starvilla - inside Halloween party

Style Inspriation - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel from Noblesse

"Of course... No one did those things to be rememberd. We were all.. simply doing what we desired to do."

- Chapter 138

About Raizel

Nicknames: Rai

I like being tidy, ramen and tea.

I dislike messes...

Hobbies: enjoying tea time, reading game strategy books

I often tend to be lost and confused especially when interacting with modern day technology such as cell phones and computers. Although I seems cold and apathetic on the outside, I  have shown kindness towards human beings

One thing that you should know about this account/page is that it all revolves around the character Raizel not actually me. If you want to know more about me my main account is madara.





~Thank you for the gifts~






co okiesez

Thank you for visting my page.

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