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calaglin has 17 goodness points.


Not doing daily votes;

Not having much time for the game;

I always return votes and answer comments. 


Since 2009-12-05




My home is your home, so feel free to add, redecorate, dress the doll, vote, comment... whatever you like!

This is one of my dolls. The other is MidnightLady. Calaglin is the main because she has my "style"(if you can say I have a style {#mdr}), but you can vote in any of them. 

I'm brazillian and big part of english I learned by myself, so I probably don't speak it correctly xD

Just say when you don't understand something. 





New and urgent objetive: get the large version of the loft!



~About My Rooms~

Loft: Since Calaglin is an actress, that's her dressing room!

Bedroom: is the bedroom!

Garden: My enchanted World ♥

Living Room 2: it's the live room. I'm trying to make it elegant, but...well, you can see

The Dirigible: STEAMPUNK! And I think that's how we deliver Santa's gifts too...

Submarine: That's an awesome room. You never though I could be an archer fighting against monsters, did you?

One Thousand Nights: Since I can't go in a trip, my doll can! That's all various culture itens from quests and special stores.


Age Type City Country
26 years Woman Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple and White Neuroscientist The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries Reading, Video Game (Assassin's Creed)

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