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         Cleo De nile Royal's Queen Page ©


           Hi my name Is cleo de nile my real name is cleopatra i have 

           5842 years old im a queen in monster high my fave ghoulfriend is           

           ghoulia yelps  p.s my servant too cause im a queen i really want every     

           monsters comments cause im dying to win the monster dance for                   queen 

 monsters who had voted for me im very glad and especaly if my boyfriend deuce gorgon (a medusa) and don't be sneaky and rude just for getting in my monster fearsquad dont lie if you don't have a boyfriend and don't cheat on deuce by accident like frankie stien did it! still remember it!  so you get the point why you should respect me cleo cause i have amulets to do a spell! my fave thing to eat is grapes everybody of the monster know im famuos aren't i? and my dislikes are: Toralei stripe of coure a really mean ghoul (not nice) she is very RUDE! (cause she is a werecat) an last and least her appnotios cat crew! i  just hate it!!  now i explainded my royoly in perfect dislikes why ask if you can see it here! so remember be a ghoul not a normie is for pepole original !    And That I Do NOT Like But Maybe Just One Lila She was Nice! And Im A STAR In PICTURE DAY! Check out my outfit!! GRAPES 4 EVER Guess what i'm going to be for Halloween/ A queen! Look at me! And my servant ghoulia is going to be Ms America!

~Happy Halloween and Happy Votes~

-Cleo De Nile

                   ~PLEASE READ I AM NOT FRANKIE6!!!~


                      BACK TO SCHOOL! (NOOOO) 

Age Type City Country
100 years Woman Monster high Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Justin Bider Justin Bider Songs None Grapes
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
golden shiny evry thing that you see that is gold give it to me cause ill charm you remember! Fashion Queen Monster high Sitting around!

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