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Haven't been here for such a long time so I...
20/11/2019 à 19:41:21
Thinking of you Thursday... I know that I...
14/11/2019 à 18:55:23
+2 from me to you! Votes from *Fairykisses*
14/10/2019 à 11:38:50
10/1... "Leaves" warm wishes for a...
01/10/2019 à 18:52:58

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I've had enough.

I'm just going to put this here.  I have always tried to be friendly to everyone on here.  I created various clubs to bring people together & have fun..  I have never been a part of any cliques that would exclude anyone.  As a mod, I have always tried to be fair & respectful.  I made my decisions based on the interactions i've witnessed, has nothing to do with anyone as a person or their beliefs.  That said, i'm really tired of the mods getting picked at because someone didn't get their way.  Get over it.  You were rude to other players on the boards, wanted to quiet other players whose views didn't agree with yours & most importantly, have been warned for breaking game rules (that you seem to think do no apply to you)  Quote from a previous GM "If she didn't spend so much money on this game, she would be banned."  Quit playing the victim & just follow the rules.  Don't like what i've said, I don't care.   :)

I won't specify who this about.  Plenty of untrue things have been said about me..  If you want to think is this about you, then maybe you haven't been the innocent one you seem to want people to think you are.

- from an official moderator 

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