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cutegirl28 has 12 goodness points.

Costume Designer



Hi guys, I am really sorry that I've been so busy lately and can not reply all your votes and comments. I've been so busy in handling my aiesec matters, univ (5th semester) life, internship, and exchange program.. also several organizations that I'm still active.

I hope you guys understand and I really wanna say thank you for this friendship!

I hope we still can carry this friendship even though maybe we are rare to talk to each other. God bless you guys <3



I am sorry. Lately, I don't have time to play diva..

My ielts score has already come out, p*** the requirement, but not my target, quite disappointed :(

My 5th semester will start soon. wish me luck on everything!

I love you so much, girls <3

For my dear xlollipopbunnyx, happy belated birthday xoxo!



I am so sorry. Recently, I am focusing on my ielts test's preparation.

The test will be held in July 30th. Please pray for me!! I wish I get high scores ><

Votes will be replied soon afterwards. Have a nice day, girls <3



I had retreat on June 30th - July 3rd, and will have camping tomorrow July 5th- July 8th.

Sorry guys!!



Thanks so much, girls <3 Lately I'm quite down, but already okay now. ^^

Btw I will be in holiday with friends from tomorrow till June 21st.

Kindly appreciate your understanding and happy holiday to you guys also!! ^^

Oh yaa.. already bought new phone yesterday with my own money :')

well hope the best for my previous phone.. still hoping someone will give it back..



Feeling kinda lack of confidence lately :( I just failed again in my psychological test..

Do I have IQ problem? -_- Though I realized too late that there is answer and discussion for the question example.. ( The psychological test uses ipad).

I wish I can p*** it next year and with other psychological test :') Wish me luck!!



It has been 100 days since my father had gone.

I am sorry for the late reply and votes. I just lost my phone on June 3th, last Friday.

Also my laptop can not be charged -_- I just bought new charger today.

I am so sad with my phone since it's the last phone from dad, there is also photos and videos of him that I haven't backup yet.. and also there is his hairs inside the omamori (I hang it on my phone).. Please help in pray so that I can find the phone again :(



I am sorry I haven't logged in in several days.

I just chased my materials for competition after final exams and gratefully my team got 2nd rank on the competition today yey ^^/

Btw I also have problem with my laptop charger.. It is plugged in but not charging somehow.. so I'm sorry if I am not able to reply votes yet. Hope I can get the new charger :(

Thanks guys for the understanding!!



Today is my 20th birthday ^^

Also my first birthday without dad.

But I really wanna thank you to God for giving me these 20 years of life.

And also for all people in my life.

I am 20 and beyond blessed <3 Thankyou!




My fam is having a hard time. I lost my dad on the late February 29th.

I am quite not in the mood in playing lately.. I just want to ask you guys to help us praying for our dad. Hope God forgive him and give him special place in His kingdom.

I will try as soon as possible replying the votes, but may be silent votes for a short time, sorry. 




I hope you have a great great day!! Spread the love! ^^


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!! YEYYY (though I don't have any plan)

I am so SORRY. University life takes lots of my time. :s I'm now in weekend but have to do my m*** transfer's ***ignments -___- I'll try to vote back and reply comments n messages asap. Thanks for your understanding and happy valentine's day! <3 Spread your love for others ^^


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Gong xi fa chai. I wish this fire monkey year gives us lots of luck, happiness, prosperity, and good health. Sorry for late reply. I've been so busy lately >< btw tomorrow is the first day of my 4th semester :s God bless me.


hey guys!! oh my god it's been 5 years till the last time I daily play diva haha. I'm 19 years old now and already study at University of Indonesia, taking chemical engineering. I'm in my holiday till feb so I get some free time hahaha.

I wanna start (at least try) to play divadoll again, please help me :) I wanna get many new friendly friends here (hope lifetime friends<3 )



Well, my name is Paulina Meiliani Sasmita. I was born on May 28th 1996. I'm 19 y.o now (omg I was 15 before when playing OMD daily) I'm from Indonesia, a Chinese girl. Currently, I'm taking Chemical Engineering in University of Indonesia - International Program :)

I like anime manga so much <3 I'm from MDD , actually I'm so sad to lose it. I have many bestfriends and I really love to play MDD. I hope we can be friends here at OMD :)

I also have 2 older sisters who play OMD too. They are akane92 n purishiru. Please vote for them :) They are nice. Kinda more active in these last 5 years more than I am :p


By the way, I have 2 alternative accounts: luna285 and haruka 285. If you get votes from them, it means from me:) thank you for your kind attention. I'm just trying to design their lofts btw haha hope I have enough time (?)


I can't promise that I can vote you everyday but I will try to reply all of that. Last but not least , thank you for visiting my still-plain-page (it's under designing right now, I'm still trying to find the hyperlinks etc :'))). Hope you have a nice day! Nice to meet youu guyss !! XD

By the way, feel free to give message and comment! I'm really a friendly person and I want to be friends with you :) Hope we can be close friends.

I really like to have new friends :) 

I got my 1000. doll n loft votes from saverina.

Got my 3000th votes from sweettears90 <3

4000th votes from xgegex0925 :3

Thanks to everyone who votes for my doll and helps to get all votes :)




I am not able to open OMD tomorrow at Feb 4th since I will stay at my kost to manage the seniors' graduation night and I won't bring my laptop. Votes will be returned at the day after tomorrow. Thankyou <3


I'm planning to join AIESEC, haha I wish I can give a better change to the society :) Btw reached my 2000 lifetime votes yey! Got my 2000th loft n doll votes from rubyheartz08 :) thanks for all who have voted <3


 I'm soooooooooo sorry that I can't open divadoll on the last several days. My internet went down. Just working normally today and just trying to reply votes >< Thanks for you consideration <3



But it turns out I can open and play the diva. Also, there is an additional day here, so I'll back to my home tomorrow. Now, I'm doing SIAK WAR, kind of filling my cl***' schedules for 4th term ><


still not sure whether I can online or not tomorrow since I'll be staying at my aunt's home. Will reply the votes as soon as possible.

Happy weekend!  


Saturday, January 9th 2016. HEYYYY FINALLY JUST START PLAYING DIVA AGAIN HAHAHHA. well I already study in university right now but i'm in my holiday till feb. I hope I can gain new friendly friends. love ya <3


Wednesday, December 14th 2011 It's been a long time since I'm not play OMD. That's because my high school time is so busy. I miss OMD, my friends here. Actually, I'm disappointed at someone, my friend, who moved me from her friend just because I'm off. I think we're friends. Maybe I'm wrong. :( but that's okay. I try to move on and start from the beginning . I don't know I will play OMD again or no. But I'll try my best. I pray for all of you to get your best too. It'll be Christmas soon. I wish all of you get the happiness of Christmas n enjoy to celebrate Christmas :) God bless you all o:)

Thursday, May 27nd 2011 Tomorrow is my birthday :) sorry guys I can't reply comments lately.But I'll reply it as soon as possible. Thanks for your kindness :D

Thursday, April 28th 2011 Thanks God XD my exams already finished Thanks for all supports, I did it well, I think Hope I will get good scores. Bye national exams, holiday here we go! But there's several school activities :) I will try to spend my time to decorate loft n page. Hope I can it well as soon as possible :D Sunday, April 24th 2011 Happy easter all ! :) hope peace of easter will always with us :D Jesus already dead n rose for us. With his blood, he has safed us. All sacrifices that he has done for us was so amazing :) I admire him so much. Love you, God :D GBU always :)


Friday, April 22nd 2011 Since yesterday, I go to church every day :D Tomorrow, Justin Bieber will have concert in Indonesia. Really want to watch it :( IMPORTANT NEWS!! I'm sorry I can't reply any comment on April 25th until April 28th. During my national exams, I will try to focus on it. Just for 4 days, hope I can do it. However, I will reply all votes, just don't leave comment, so please check your 100 last votes. Thank you ^^


Wednesday, April 20th 2011 I got my 500. doll n loft votes from beijing. Thanks to everyone who votes for my doll and helped to get all votes :)


Tuesday, April 5th 2011 Today Bruno Mars has concert in Indonesia. I want to watch it but I can't T.T By the way, I'm feeling like I need more voting account I can't reply all votes == I'm so sorry , I don't mean to do that. I will reply it the next day. I promise. :)


Friday, April 1st 2011 Hi April ! :) Bye March. Thank you for all moments in March. Today is April Fool ! XD Haha Fortunately, there's no one lie to me Do you know that boms in my school are fake? Really hate someone who makes fun of bomb. They don't care about others feelings. Hope they will be conscious with their attitudes Hope this world will be in peace :)


Thursday, March 31st 2011 Today, I'm so suprised cause I hear that my school got a terror bomb. There's many police in my school and team "Gegana" (who will stop/tame the bomb). There's news in TV, radio, etc. I can found the news from google. However, I think all will be fine, I just hear that the bomb finally can be found n can be stop. Tommorow, I will know all news, of course the truth. Wish my school all the best. :)



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Living room 2

. Garden




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Age Type City Country
24 years Woman Jakarta Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, One Direction so much .. Narnia, Harry Potter,Titanic,etc French fries, etc
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
white, pink, purple, etc read, swim, listen music, chat, sms, sleep, etc :p

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