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Updated Important news!!!!!



 I don't log in frequently! T_T


{#montr}Please keep my lifetime votes even! Please make sure to have left the votes you took credit for. Thank you! <3


Me! :D{#aomd_bravo}


Hi, guys! I am not the best person at expressing myself. I don't have a specific favorite color. I love reading and art! Also YouTube! Oh, and music! To be honest, I like many things. I love to go on adventures and learning new things! I love learning about different cultures! If you know anything about any cultures, please share!


I love meeting new people! I am an introvert but that's only because I am not good at starting conversations. Once I am more comfortable with another person, I seem more of an extrovert.


My main dolls!


prettygirl55 prityn cutyn sweetcake55 

cool-girl55 cool-katherina


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20 years Woman Other
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