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+2. Por favor me ajude, preciso
05/05/2024 à 13:00:25
+2. Please, help me, i need: “Obtain 90...
28/04/2024 à 00:19:16

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3/21/22: I noticed today that I have somehow aquired quite a few gift certificates for this account over the years, and have started selecting random onoline users to send gigfts to in order to use them up. No need to do anything in return, I simpley hope the gifts were useful!


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Inspired by Avarice, created by  dahlig

rooms to do



venetian (started)



New Caladonia

Buddhist Temple


Enchanted forest

beach (started)

garden (started)

Daisydill, from MDD here. I decided to re-nab the name. However, this is NOT a main account. It's where I'll keep the screenshots I took from MDD. Most are mine, but a few may not be. depends if I can find the original owner(s) and get permission.


Here are screenshots of some of my MDD accounts. More will be added, I find myself mourning their loss when I do this, so it will be a slow process. All had names, and a brief history, I'm rather upset I didn't think to save all of that. 48 hours warning to deletion of over two years work of time and effort tends to do that, however.



My Zoezoe's. There are ten of them, with no Zoezoe01. There was a typo with Zoezoe0. I forgot the one. {#mdr}






Age Type City Country
38 years Woman Bloomington
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sandra Bullock Celtic/world Practical Magic raspberries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
blue and silver animater, or voice actress maybe? Charmed, NCIS, Medium, The Big Bang theroy reading

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