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daphnemcdane has 33 goodness points.

Christmas Fairy

Main Doll:

500x405 for the size





 Our chickens' names:

Birth Announcement: Timmy is the proud mother of a little black cochin which was born on Nov 21, 2011.  The little bit of fluff  been named Misty

Roosty, Bertha, Crooked Tail,

 Willie, Sammie & Deanie

Freckles, Fonnie, Andy, Precious, JuneYur, Timmy Gomer, Goober,

Mister Attitude, Hennie, Ethan

Charlie, Elvira

 Roosty, Bertha, Crooked Tail and the Mister, Hennie, Ethan, Charlie & Elvira are all pure bred Silver Sebrights.

The 8 in the middle are Cochins/Silkies (Andy,Gomer & Goober) Japanese Black Tail (Precious & JuneYur),  a long legged something (Freckles) and two that look like a brown bantam and a toffee color bantam (Timmy & Fonnie).

All of them except Roosty think they are all that and a bag of chips. Roosty, the oldest rooster can no longer "cut the mustard" with the ladies

Willie is vane, she looks at herself in the mirror and sleeps in the house even though she is over a year old. When Willie needs to lay an egg, she paces in front of the front door until we let her in... at which point she runs to her sleeping box that is huge and gets into a smaller box within to lay her egg... then gets out & goes back to the front door to be let out. (Read the story on Aubreydane's page about Willie's babies)

 The new chicken house we have been working on is for the 8. The youngest 5, hopefully, will be 'introduced' and moved in with the first 3.  (Charlie hates everyone but Elvira and everyone hates them... so for now, they still live in my mom's house)

Willie, who thinks she is anything but a chicken, will always be a house chicken. All of the other chickens hate her. I tell Willie, "They are just jealous of your beauty."

Silver Sebright chickens are as intelligent as a chimpanzee, they have good memories and are very picky eaters (really?!?!-- they only eat brownie balls about the size of a pea, and canned corn from the store Aldi's--other corn goes untouched-- they will not eat chicken food)

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