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dave123 has 0 goodness points.

Video Game Developer bored ~.~ anime lookalike and i'm the 1st onwer of this account sis thinks these 5 anime guys are my lookalike friend the 2nd owner is his 3 anime lookalike***WW6SGE-_xnO***eiuPAuinpoiand another friend he is the 3rd onwer. 3 anime lookalike 4th owner also a friend and taken by mariafun143 3 anime lookalike fifth owner this is his lookalike pic and is taken by xxwazzupxx 3 animelookalike
djdave a hacker and a friend i'm the guy with the 2 peace signs and i'm djdave search me up on here.i got you back meanie dave :3
hello i'm the guy with the gl***es i'm just hacking him because peace sign boy forced me and if you want to chat with me go search up kaito-kun,also dave you better help me out later forfavor
i'm the fourth owner you want to talk to me go search up -monster and i hacked you dave got you back lil sis her doll name is animedjozma lil sis anime lookalike


put this on ur page if u want a pancake
eye tricks eye tricks
How many black dots do you see?
Eye tricks, How many black dots do you see?
Try focusing on the center circle while moving your head in and out

Eye tricks, Perplexing Illusion


Eye tricks, FREAKY Spiral

Bye Bye Friend

Age Type City Country
29 years Man zombie land Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
dony know dony know hangover 2 pizza and dango
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
dark blue don't no 1,000 ways to die hanging out with my friends

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