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* The Year of the Monkey *

February 8, 2016...

... I still need a window & curtains for my desk alcove.

... I had to buy 25 pencils & paintbrushes from 4Works to get my desk chair (thank goodness for the 50% off sale ~.^)

... what am I going to do with all those pencils o.O ???

Thanks for stopping by... enjoy your visit ^.^


Déjà vu

Seeing double?

Another account of:

Votes from this account are from n0regrets... click to visit my main account ^.^

Established daily voters do receive daily votes... but I will NOT be returning every vote, every day as has been my practice in the past. If you are a new voter, please don't leave votes... I simply cannot return them at this time! If you are an occasional voter, I will try to return your votes as my schedule permits.

 Be well, divas ^.^ Best Wishes ~ n0regrets


A portrait: n0regrets ~ Created by: otherunicorn

Cameo by: fairykisses

People sometimes ask where I get my ideas for my lofts. My lofts are organic in evolution; I don't "make it happen"... I wait for "inspiration to strike". Usually, this inspiration is in the f0rm of a single item or an offhand comment. Once the seed is planted, I wait for it to germinate and bear fruit... or, in this case, a loft plan. So it is here. My color scheme will be aqua, lime & white... inspired by this bed (which I love). This color scheme will allow me to utilize several other pieces that I have long admired, but had no place for. So beyond colors, and a couple key pieces of furniture, I have to wait and see what grows here ^.^


Quite accidently, as is often the case, it appears that déjà-vu's home has developed a theme: water! All of her quest rooms feature some sort of water element... unplanned, but undeniable :P  She will be saved from an entirely watery existence, however, by the addition of the basic "Loft" rooms... which were earned for "free" with the $1000 spending gauge promotion ^.^ Free is good! 

UPDATE 2015:
Well, for those of you that like to peek (or caught me saved in my loft :P)... you may have noticed that the above-mentioned color scheme was skrapped! I still love that bed, and may build a room around it somewhere... but the introduction of Byzantine's gorgeous wall panels seemed to complement one of my all-time favorite couch sets, so I thought I would "try them on" together. wöw! Did the inspiration start flowing!!! So déjà-vu, who has stubbornly refused to be "defined" has (FiNaLLy) gotten her loft ^.^ I'm still adding things to her bedroom and kitchen... but, overall, I think this loft was worth the wait *happy dance*

hon·or [ónnər]
n (plural hon·ors)
1. personal integrity: strong moral character or strength, and adherence to ethical principles

in·teg·ri·ty [in téggrətee]
1. possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles

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